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There are thousands of hard-working, dedicated and amazingly creative people throughout the radio industry – and every year a small fraction of those people make the short list as a finalist in the ACRA’s.

Just like we did last year, over the next few weeks, Radio Today will shine a spotlight on the best of the best.

The ACRA's Finalists Fever – counting down the days to the big event on October 18 by profiling the finalists across all categories. You can get involved by emailing us here.

Today the spot light is on:  Stephen Cenatiempo from Grant Broadcasters in the Hunter Valley and George Kailis from Fairfax in Perth. 

Let's Roll Out the Red Carpet….





2NM & Power FM, Hunter Valley NSW – Grant Broadcasters C

Give us a quick snapshot of your radio background…

After 10 years or so of co-hosting a weekly community radio program, I was fortunately made redundant from my real job and decided to apply to AFTRS to undertake the Graduate Diploma in Radio Broadcasting course. I secured my first full-time gig just before graduation at The Super Radio Network’s 2HC in Coffs Harbour producing and presenting the afternoon show “Coffs Coasting” and editing and presenting the local news.

After 18 months on the coast, I was approached by Grant Broadcasters to move to The Hunter Valley to take up the role as news director and current affairs presenter. I produce and present a daily morning show “Hunter Valley Today” on 2NM and also produce and present a weekly show on Power FM called “Coalface Radio” which focusses on the local mining industry.

The days are long, but I love what I do and can’t even imagine what I’d be doing if I wasn’t on the wireless.


Tell us about your ACRAs entry?

For the second year in a row I’m a finalist in 3 categories: Best Talk Presenter – Country; Best Current Affairs Presenter – Non Metropolitan; Best News Presenter – Country.

Always difficult to find the best minute out of a year’s worth of content but It’s always a lot of fun going back over your best breaks each year. It also makes you think long and hard about what’s gold and what’s not. cenatiempo – best talk presenter 2014 – 2nm hunter valley nsw.mp3 cenatiempo – best news presenter 2014 – 2nm hunter valley nsw.mp3 cenatiempo – best current affairs presenter 2014 – 2nm hunter valley nsw.mp3


Your speech, if you were able to make one…

I want to thank the listener! The person that puts up with my incessant ranting for a few hours each day.




6PR & 96FM, Perth WA – Fairfax Radio Network M


Alright, to kick us off give us a bit of your background…

I’ve been in the industry for 4.5 years, so you could say that I’ve just finished my apprenticeship.  I really enjoy what I do, and sales and building relationships are what I do best.  In 2014, I’ve enjoyed strong sales and taken quite a bit of money from competitors!

What’s the best part of your job?

I’m very fortunate – this is the third year in a row that I’ve been an ACRA finalist for best direct sales person.  When I look at some of the key accounts I’ve brought over from other mediums, ABC Blinds in particular standout.  It took me two or three years to get them on board and I’m pretty proud of that.

What are your key achievements over the past 12 months?

I’m very fortunate – this is the third year in a row that I’ve been an ACRA finalist for best direct sales person. I guess when I look at some of the key accounts I’ve brought over from other mediums, in particular, ABC Blinds, which is a well-known company in WA. It took me two or three years to get them on board and I guess I’m pretty proud of that. 

Tell us about your ACRAs Entry for Best Direct Salesperson?

This year, I’ve grown our revenue, following up from a successful 2013 which is difficult to do.  We have also attracted a number of the big advertisers onto our radio station in 2014.  So overall our sales figures have strengthened.  I’m pretty proud to receive compliments from clients that I’ve been able to bring on board and deliver results to.  We’re very lucky and fortunate to have clients that are still with us after long and successful radio campaigns.


This is your moment in the spotlight, if you won what would you say?

I’d firstly congratulate all the finalists and wish them all the best for the night.  I’d then thank Fairfax Radio Network for the opportunity to work for the stations and such a great organisation.  I’d definitely thank my wife for her support because you need an understanding partner to succeed in whatever you do and she’s been terrific for me.


Are You an ACRAs Finalist?
If you're a finalist in Metropolitan, Non-Metropolitan, Provincial or Country drop us a line and we'll shine the spotlight on you. Email Blair here.


You can view our other Finalist so far here. and here or here.

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