4 weeks of ACRA’s Finalists Fever 2012 #19

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Tonight is the night…..how exciting !!!

Radio Today have been spotlighting many of the finalists over the past 4 weeks. See them all here

In #19 (our finalist fever finale) we spotlight another best newcomer, a station promotion from Brisbane, a best on-air team and NXFM's Dan Hill…



NXFM, Newcastle NSW, Southern Cross Austereo

Give us a snapshot of your radio background

I always loved listening to the radio growing up, Fox and TTFM (now Mix) K-Rock and Triple M Melbourne were my go to stations. I decided early on I wanted to work in radio in some capacity. So I went out and got some experience at a bunch of different community stations – WynFM (Werribee), SynFM (Melbourne) and AM1611 DoubleX (Moorabbin).

I then took the leap into the commercial radio world, Starting off at SnowFM Jindabyne as a Production Manager and Mornings announcer. Then moved onto Commercial / Image Production at HotFM / 4TO Townsville. I then got the on air bug, and busted my chops at Star FM Shepparton, which lead me into my first Assistant Music Director role on the Gold Coast at Sea FM. From there had a short stint as AMD at 92.9 Perth, and currently I'm running my own music department and on air in the afternoons at NXFM Newcastle.

Tell us about your ACRA entry…

It's the first time I've put together an ACRA entry for the Best Music Director category – I'm surprised I got nominated! I wrote down what I thought it meant to be a great music director – One of the lines I used was 'Follow the rules until the time is right to break them'. As a Music Director, it's easy to get stuck into your day to day, and not step outside the comfort zone, but to keep it fresh you have to explore other ways of getting a message across. Innovating new music features which resonate with the target, tying in social media and how listeners interact with the station. Another essential skill is to build great relationships with your music industry reps – If you're on an email based relationship, pick up the phone and have a conversation, or if you get the chance, meet up with them. It's an invaluable resource.

What’s the best part of your job ?

I love coming in on a Monday morning and listening to all the new music the kids will be singing non stop in about 3 weeks from then. Having a say in the music the radio station plays, and having it as my responsibility, is truly rewarding.

When people comment on the music, it gives me a sense that I'm heading in the right direction, similarly if I get bad feedback, I go and check to see why they are saying that. I'm also a bit of a tech nerd… so I get to follow trends on social media, and how other radio stations deliver their online content, and try figure out ways I can incorporate that with our station. Not to mention how people are consuming the content we provide – how we can make it better, as well as helping with solutions to deliver to the clients.

What are your key achievements over the past 12 months ?

Taking charge of my own Music Department. In the past three surveys I've been part of, the station has stayed at Number 1 overall in the market, and directly TSL across the workday has gone up significantly, which was one of the goals I set for myself early on into the role.

You can’t make a speech on the night so here’s a chance to have your moment in the spotlight (don’t forget to thank anyone)….go for it….

I'd like to thank everyone who has taught me something in this big bad industry. More directly, Brendan Englebrecht for teaching me music when I was starting out, Trent Towson for helping refine my skills during my time on the Gold Coast, Jase Allen for teaching me the joys of DOS Selector, and my partner for being beside me every step of the way.

Oh and I guess I should throw in a shout out for Mum & Dad for driving me into the city on a Sunday morning so I could follow my dream to be on the radio.



Saturday Night Double Shot Rock Shop

B-Rock FM, Bathurst NSW, Bathurst Broadcasters

Tell us about your backgrounds...

Both of us pretty much started in community radio. Benny in Bathurst & Cookie in Hornsby.

Tell us about this ACRA's entry…

To keep us off the streets and out of the watch house we were told that we had to fill the Saturday Night shift. We thought with the doubling up of announcers we’d also play double shots of rock. In between we prattle on about the news, sport and generally things that take our interest. That’s the idea, but it usually turns into a Benny vs Cookie slinging match that requires a mediation meeting come Monday (sic).

What’s the best part of your job ?

Saturday night pizza. Enough said.

What are your key achievements over the past 12 months ?

Cookie managed to save up for a 10 week US Trip. Benny also got a holiday from Cookie.

Your speech, if you were able to make one…

We’d both like to thank the listeners who constantly give us gas to drive the program each week. It’s great.


$10K Punter
Triple M, Brisbane QLD, Southern Cross Austereo

Give us a snapshot of your radio background..

I started with Austereo Sydney over 9 years ago on the Street Team – I was Rock Babe 5. Over the years I’ve had various titles and job changes on both the Triple M and Today Network – Promotions Assistant, National Promotions Coordinator, Events Coordinator, Integration Coordinator and now I’m the Triple M Brisbane Tactics Manager and love it!

Tell us about this ACRA entry…

My entry is for the Triple M Grill Teams $10k Punter. This was a super exciting promotion that we rolled out for the race that stops a nation in November 2011.

The Grill Team encouraged listeners to register their details online and tell us why they wanted to be the $10k Punter….and after a heap of entries their lucky punter was chosen and given $10k cash to put on the nose of a horse in the 2011 Melbourne Cup.

With 24 horses in the race it was always going to be a long shot. We held a party in the members bar at Eagle Farm Racecourse with the Grillers, the punter and his closest friends and family crossing live back to the station throughout the day.

The $10k Punter put all his faith in the horse Dunaden and would you believe it won! We all went absolutely nuts and our punter walked away with $87,500. The Grill Team and our winning punter also featured on most new bulletins that night. Massive win!

What’s the best part of your job ?

The people I work with. Of course the exciting promotions and events I work on are fabulous as well but without doubt the people that I have met is what has made me stay with one company for so long. Both in Sydney and Brisbane, they’re my best mates and like family.

What are your key achievements over the past 12 months ?

I think working with a brand new breakfast show and seeing them continue to grow in the ratings. It’s certainly not a direct result of my work, but to be part of it and to work on interesting briefs with them from concept to creation has been great. And then definitely getting the ACRA nomination! How fun!

Your speech, if you were able to make one…

Well I do like to talk so this won’t be hard….first I need to thank The Grill Team for executing a great promotion. They’re fun guys to work with and it was rewarding for all of us to have such an amazing outcome. And then thanks to the Triple M Content and Integration Teams. There are too many people to mention but they really are the best people to work with and I thank them for being so welcoming and warm to me when I started in Brissy 18 months ago. Love ya guts!



Star FM, Central Coast NSW, dmg radio australia

Give us a quick snapshot of your radio background ?

Being a ‘newcomer’ my radio background/ experience is slim. However growing up I was fairly tight at pressing Play/record on a cassette player when my favourite songs came on. I was nifty when it came to cutting out the commercials. Now days I listen out for the good ads,… funny that.

What is your off-air role ?

Creative Writer, Providing a little content for Ugly Phil in Drive, and part of the team that is Star Create, modelled off the successful DMG Create.

What’s the best part of your job ?

As tacky as it sounds, seeing little ideas grow.

What are your key achievements over the past 12 months ?

12 months ago I never knew this job even existed. Now I’ve experienced it I can see myself going into it and diversifying more in years to come.

Your speech, if you were able to make one…

I can’t thank enough my General Manager Paul Moltzen. After endless mornings of one liners and bringing him coffee at the local cafe he has opened my eyes to a career/role I could only dream of.

Veteran Phil O'Neil for allowing me to have a crack and always filling me with confidence!

Finally, I’d like to thank my mentor, friend and crusher of bad ideas Matt Lygoe. He is constantly teaching me new ways to apply my creativity to have an affective result. He also makes a mean cuppa.


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