3AW axes Scott Cummings over sexual assault jokes

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3AW, Macquarie
Image: Dane Swan & Scott Cummings [L-R]

Macquarie Media has axed former AFL player and commentator Scott Cummings.

3AW made the call after jokes Cummings made about sexual assault were published on his Humpday podcast, which he hosts with fellow former star Dane Swan.

Radio Today has chosen not to re-publish the comments in this article, which related to slang definitions of sexual acts as defined by Urban Dictionary.

Domestic Violence Victoria addressed the matter on Tuesday (July 2), leading 3AW to declare it was “disgusted” by the comments.

“Although the comments were never aired on 3AW, we believe there is no platform appropriate for such remarks.

“Sexual assault is never a laughing matter. Jokes about sexual assault are never OK.

“We fully endorse comments from Domestic Violence Victoria today that ‘flippant comments degrading women are often dismissed as trivial, harmless and even funny. However, the evidence tells us that these attitudes contribute towards the social conditions that allow family violence and violence against women to continue unabated’.

Cummings apologised for the comments via Twitter, admitting he was “disrespectful and wrong”.

3AW acknowledged the apology, but still moved to sack Cummings.

“As such, we have decided to terminate our relationship with Mr Cummings. He will not appear on 3AW Football again this year.”

For his part Swan doubled down, taking to Twitter to address the “haters and sad sacks” who are carrying on about “a stupid podcast”.

He then claimed that he and Cummings “never have” said anything wrong or offensive on the podcast.

“People need to get a grip”, he wrote, even going on to swear that he’d be back with a new podcast soon.

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4 Jul 2019 - 6:42 am

Well done to obviously 3AW, DV Vic for their swift action and Radio Today team for not publishing those comments. They were truly foul. Professional, responsible journalism is worth applauding

Elaine Fraser
4 Jul 2019 - 1:05 pm

Just laughing about those definitions shows how little they really respect people. It’s not funny. My skin crawled when I read the comments and the fact they laughed and said ‘That’s not too bad,’ make feel sick.

Not a joke boys. Not a joke.

Journalism Intern..
4 Jul 2019 - 1:52 pm

Which one in the photo is the perpetrator guys? Would think that should be noted somewhere…


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