Radio Today’s 30 Under 30 finalists revealed

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The 50 radio youngsters in the running for Radio Today’s 30 Under 30 Awards have been revealed following an extensive judging process.

NOVA Entertainment has the most shortlisted entries, totalling 15 of the top 50, however there is also a strong showing from Australian Radio Network (ARN) with 13, and Southern Cross Austereo (SCA), which has 10.

Entrants from ACE Radio, ABC, Grant Broadcasters, 2SER, Acast, Fresh 92.7, Nine Radio, SBS and the WIN Corporation also made it across the line.

Radio Today editor Vivienne Kelly said it was fantastic to see the initiative generate so much enthusiasm and support across the industry.

“We know that everyone in radio is flat out this year, often doing more work with fewer resources, surrounded by stressful conditions – whether it be the shrinking job market, the recession, the pandemic, the bushfires or lockdowns. So it’s great to be able to add some positivity to the market, and celebrate the industry’s up-and-coming talent. What a year to be a young person working in radio,” she said.

“The entries were outstanding, and a humbling reminder of just how much you can achieve in your 20s. We can’t wait to reveal the final list on Thursday, November 26.

The Readers’ Choice Award will be open for voting from this Wednesday. The poll will close on November 25. Vote Now: Radio Today’s 30 Under 30 Readers’ Choice poll is open!

Radio Today’s 30 Under 30 Awards were made possible by support from ARN, Nine, SCA, NOVA, ACE Radio and Sony Music.

The finalists are listed below.


Ashleigh Holman, local lead, campaign strategy, NOVA Entertainment
Cameron Maurice, KIIS 101.1 activations manager, Australian Radio Network
Jordan Florence-Rieniets, senior campaign strategist, NOVA Entertainment
Juan Estepa, integration specialist, Australian Radio Network
Kerry Gregory, Will & Woody activations manager, Australian Radio Network


Abi Benaud, assistant content director Hit Network Qld, Southern Cross Austereo
Harnsle Joo, executive producer, Nine Radio
Jack Ball, head of content Hit Qld, Southern Cross Austereo
Matilda Marozzi, producer, ABC
Matt Lipiarski, content director, ACE Radio


Bree Gashparac, senior digital content manager, Australian Radio Network
Charlotte Kelly, digital content producer, Southern Cross Austereo
Jenna Benson, digital content producer (WSFM), Australian Radio Network
Lachlan Guertin, digital content producer, NOVA Entertainment
Teagan Sydes, assistant digital content director, Southern Cross Austereo


Alicia Sarnacki, trade marketing executive, Australian Radio Network
Dave Maccue, marketing graphic designer, NOVA Entertainment
Hannah Astra, marketing executive, Australian Radio Network
Macey Gibbs, promotions project manager, NOVA Entertainment
Vanessa Butcher, events and promotions project manager, NOVA Entertainment


Briar-Louise Rose, music marketing project manager, Nova Entertainment
Jake Powell, Hit Network music director, Southern Cross Austereo
Jodie Williams, music director, NOVA Entertainment
Sean Brown, announcer/ music director, Southern Cross Austereo
Steph Liong, music director, 2SER


Erin Ramsay, newsreader/ journalist, NOVA Entertainment
Natalie Sekulovska, journalist, Australian Radio Network
Rachel Storer, journalist, Australian Radio Network
Sally Spicer, news producer for The Briefing, newsreader/ journalist, Southern Cross Austereo
Talissa Bazaz, Senior Journalist, Win Corporation

On Air

Andy Sands, Breakfast announcer, Grant Broadcasters
Bree Steele, announcer, ABC (triple j)
Jonathan Skewes, Breakfast announcer, Grant Broadcasters
Lachi Rooke, Workday announcer/ content director, Ace Radio
Nathan Roye, Breakfast announcer, Southern Cross Austereo


Elise Cooper, executive producer – podcasts, NOVA Entertainment
Emma De Martino, national creative sales executive, Southern Cross Austereo
Jenna D’Apice, senior client implementation executive, NOVA Entertainment
Jordon Lott, content development manager, Acast
Rachel Sibley, podcast lead, SBS


Alex Martin, network imaging manager, NOVA Entertainment
Anthony Badolato, commercial sound designer/ announcer, Australian Radio Network
Jaxson McLennan, audio producer, Australian Radio Network
Matiah Haros, audio production Engineer, Fresh 92.7
Patrick Rice, audio image producer, Australian Radio Network


Jessica Baum, senior agency account director, NOVA Entertainment
Laurie Donnelly, direct client executive, NOVA Entertainment
Marisa Panettiere, senior agency account director, NOVA Entertainment
Sandy Rogers, group sales manager, Southern Cross Austereo
Stephanie Evans, senior account manager, Australian Radio Network

Radio Today notes the job titles and employers were correct at time of entry.

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16 Nov 2020 - 9:37 pm

Jake, why don’t you also have an award for over 55’s in media?? Because you are just plain ageist

    17 Nov 2020 - 11:04 am

    Hey Lisa, thanks for the feedback re awards for over 55s. Although your suggestion that I might be “ageist” – when in fact we are just shining a spotlight on younger executives with this initiative – is hilariously untrue.

    There is no doubt that radio would not be the amazing medium that it is today without the hard work of the industry’s over 55s (many of whom are responsible for overseeing the evolution of “radio” businesses to “audio” businesses), but, equally, the medium won’t be what it is tomorrow without supporting the next generation of the leaders.

    Maybe Radio Today could run a 50 Over 50 next year? Is that what the industry really needs? I’m open. Discuss.

Andrew Young
17 Nov 2020 - 6:21 am

I think the guys do a pretty good job on this website but I think it is a shame they seem to be obsessed with thing like the the gender and age of people working in radio.

17 Nov 2020 - 12:41 pm

@Jake Challenor

Just remember unfortunately you can’t please everyone @ radiotoday Lol Lol, whatever articles stories you guys put up on a daily basis there’s always going to be somebody who is going to complain haha….

Jake & everyone at radiotoday just keep on doing an amazing fantastic job….

Now i’ll just go back eating my popcorn drinking my Coke & sit back enjoying the entertainment reading all the dislike comments on the next article you guys post up

17 Nov 2020 - 1:08 pm

What about awards for people aged between 30 and 55?

17 Nov 2020 - 1:14 pm


No – the industry doesn’t need another forum for old codgers to have their egos massaged =D

Love to all those in the 30 under 30 – those that are shaping the industry to come, and love to all those who helped shaped the industry that came before.

17 Nov 2020 - 2:59 pm

I like the under 30s awards but can they be just be for women because the boys grow up to be middle aged men

17 Nov 2020 - 3:05 pm

Instead of these “finalists” spending hours on their nomination entry (about themselves) for their own personal gain….they should have spent the time actually working and contributing to their business.

    17 Nov 2020 - 3:23 pm

    Hi Lesley,

    Perhaps they did it in their own time? Or with the support and encouragement of the businesses they have worked so hard for? Some of them have had their roles made redundant this year, and likely will use it as an opportunity to prove their achievements, dedication and worth.

    Let’s just let them have this one nice thing, hey?

    Vivienne – Radio Today

18 Nov 2020 - 11:09 am

Instead of spending time complaining in the comments section for their own personal satisfaction, maybe Lesley should have spent that time actually working and contributing to their business.

Response was all class, Viv. Congrats to all finalists, no inverted commas needed.

1 Dec 2020 - 9:43 am

Super Radio Network snubbed again?
No Entries?
Perhaps we’re just working harder than the other Networks with no time to self-promote 😉

*Surprised that someone like Newsdreader Micaela Savage didn’t make the short list…

    1 Dec 2020 - 10:08 am

    Hi Niko,

    As I said in response to your comment on the winners story, it doesn’t appear Micaela entered the competition – and you have to be in it to win it.

    Also, from what I can see, no one listed Super Radio or your stations as their employer when entering the awards. A number of entrants did mention it as a previous employer though.

    Definitely no snubbing involved, just hundreds of entries and only 30 spots available. Hopefully we can get you more involved next year.

    Vivienne – Radio Today


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