3 Valuable Insights on Making One-to-One Connections

Wanna win on the radio? Figure out the art of making someone feel good about themselves in your presence. Personal. Relatable. Natural.

That’s it. That’s all there is. The rest, as they say, is just details. But they also say that the devil is in those details. Here’s three key elements to make it happen:

You have to know who you’re speaking to. 

Understand the listener intimately, in detail. This is fundamental to everything you do. Then, harness the power of this understanding by allowing them to get to know you, which is second of four steps in Romancing the Listener. When you really truly get to know them, you share interests, and the listener experiences a deeper emotional connection.When you make them feel good about themselves, the reason they tune in is beyond the music or the information; it’s to spend time with you! That’s powerful.

Focus on Who You Talk To, Not What You Say. 

Programmers and talent coaches spend hours going over air checks, critiquing the details that are, in the end, not all that important. We work on energy, enthusiasm, formatics and execution. And we miss out on passion, connection, emotion and human connection.

Reflect The Moment. 

If you really know your audience, you can sense if they’re happy or sad. Up or down. Angry or excited. And reflecting that with a wide display of emotions-real emotions-means dropping your guard, relaxing and being “real.” Real, by the way, means authentic, which is a much better definition of character than the word “real.” Being authentic is preparing your show through a filter of the real world: your experiences, your thoughts, your observations, your reactions. This is how you connect with listeners.

My friend Jaye Albright wrote in her blog:

“Entertainment means: enabling another to experience his or her feelings in a safe environment. Make a person laugh, make them cry, make them shake their fists in anger – you have committed entertainment.”

You know who’s figured that out? Apple. The largest company in the world. They offer one-to-one training to show you how to make the most of your Apple products. They personalize the experience, and make customers feel great about the relationship with their brand. It impacts their lives.

How are you impacting your audience today?

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