2GB’s Toxic Environment?

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Andrew Moore had been part of 2GB for 17 years and Friday was his last day with the station.

Alan Jones called in and said: “This is very very decent human being, Andrew Moore , a very very talented young man and where ever he goes he will do very well”

But is there “Moore” going on 2GB?

According to the Sydney Morning Herald there is.

The paper reports than there is tension between its two heavy weights, Alan Jones and Ray Hadley – no real surprise there. Jones publicly went into bat for Andrew Moore with an insider for the paper saying: "Hadley wouldn't even say his name on air, it was that toxic … Andrew was gutted, after so many years he didn't feel as though he deserved to be treated like that,"

That treatment related to Andrew recently losing airtime as Ray Hadley increased his presence on 2GB into weekends. The paper goes on to say that Andrew refused to fill in for Hadley and that their working relationship became "completely toxic".

They also confirmed that Andrew Moore has sourced legal advice and compiled a 40 page file on the matter.

SHM also reports that there has been a battle playing out between Alan Jones and Ray Hadley with Macquarie Radio chairman Russell Tate, over the treatment of Moore.

As we know, Andrew Moore has left 2GB and is set to surface at 702 ABC soon.

You can read the full story in the Sydney Morning Herald

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