2DayFM launches music Breakfast show with Jamie Angel [first listen]

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2DayFM‘s new music-driven Breakfast show launched today, helmed by SCA stalwart Jamie Angel who left his role as Triple M content director for the gig.

SCA made the shock announcement last week that the trio of Grant Denyer, Ed Kavalee and Ash London would no longer be heard on 2DayFM Breakfast.

The first edition of the show was introduced with such taglines; “wake up and feel good with more music for Breakfast,” “less ads and less interruptions” and “making Sydney feel good”.

Contrary to 2Day’s Workdays and Nights music formats, there is no contemporary music being played during Breakfast show.

The music format on the first morning sat somewhere between AC, Hot AC and Urban AC, with tunes spanning all the way from the ’80s to 2014… everything from Cyndi Lauper to David Guetta.

Angel is an experienced host, and he sounded friendly and confident on his first shift. He started out with a story about a dream he’d had about working on 2DayFM back in the ’90s.

“More music at Breakfast! This is the new sound of 2DayFM!” he said.

2DayFM will be hoping the show and its music can forge its own place somewhere in between the music strategies of competitors Nova, KIIS, smooth and WSFM.

On the surface it’s not remarkably dissimilar to smoothfm’s music-driven Breakfast format, however the on 2Day music is definitely younger (plenty of ’00s and early 2010s music).

Focussing on music will also pitch the show against streaming giants like Spotify and Apple Music for audience, as well as digital music-based stations like Coles Radio and SCA’s own Easy Hits, Old Skool Hits and Urban Hits.

Although there were certainly fewer ads and more music, there was still plenty of SCA promo for its RnB Fridays gig and 2DayFM’s Alpha Bucks competition.

Although SCA has insisted this new show is not a stop-gap option or holding pattern, speculation surged over the weekend that the next move could be another talent-based show (whether later in 2019 or in 2020).

What’s for certain is that this is definitely a cheaper option for SCA, but only time will tell whether music can deliver a share of over 5% in Sydney.

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19 Aug 2019 - 4:33 pm

With that playlist 2DayFM will tank in the ratings.

19 Aug 2019 - 4:39 pm

Like sliding into your favourite pair of trackie dacks… Jamie still sounds so bloody good.

19 Aug 2019 - 4:58 pm

Tried listening a few times during the morning. Either had a long block of ads or the same dated music… kept waiting for something recent to come along.

Alphabucks was a fail. Jamie didn’t sound like a man in control, could learn a thing from two from listening to someone like Maje on i98.

19 Aug 2019 - 6:04 pm

“tunes spanning all the way from the ’80s to 2014”. Gemma insists the music will be all Old School yet Loud Luxury’s ‘Body’ is front and centre in the promo?!?

19 Aug 2019 - 8:32 pm

Does anyone including listeners really care about 2DAYFM anymore. Doubt it.

20 Aug 2019 - 6:26 am

Jamie sounds as good as always, the music sounds good. But this format has a ratings and revenue ceiling that SCA wont be happy with and wont be able to live with. If it does work however I would expect Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide will follow suite and possibly Canberra, Gold Coast and Newcastle as well. SCA has turned into Grant Broadcasters. The once leaders in radio have become the bottom of the barrel and that is very sad indeed.

20 Aug 2019 - 9:05 am

That music though needs to be fixed. Jamie sounded great, but if the music is going to be the star it’s way off.

20 Aug 2019 - 9:07 am

SCA has turned in Grant Broadcasters….hahahahahaha – hilarious

Pity it’s true

20 Aug 2019 - 10:55 am

The days when FM radio reigned as the nucleus of musical enjoyment are fading. Music enthusiasts are turning to personalized streaming services such as Spotify, Pandora and Apple Music to find their next favorite artist not 2DAYFM.

20 Aug 2019 - 12:03 pm

Yeah…. not hitting the mark sadly. Might need more time!

SCA really should look deep into that ‘very real’ Talent Pipeline of theirs, or just poach talent from NOVA or KIIS – take their best, it worked for KJ.

20 Aug 2019 - 12:32 pm

Damn I’ve missed Jamie. Undeniably the best jock in the country. The music and production was horrible though.

Group DC
20 Aug 2019 - 2:05 pm

SCA have some really solid breakfast shows outside of the metros.
Spend six – twelve months letting 2Day clear the air and then place a team in there that have worked on their chemistry and can be a point of difference to the older shows in Sydney. It’s now all about timing and actually doing it right.

20 Aug 2019 - 2:38 pm

Music is aweful who are they trying to appeal to ? Bring back local market music research and music directors that know the market.

Paul Holmes
20 Aug 2019 - 3:27 pm

Jamie sounds great … give him and this TIME ..!

20 Aug 2019 - 8:56 pm

Sounded very sad

20 Aug 2019 - 9:00 pm

It’s very interesting sitting outside of SCA and seeing it slowly degrade from the once powerhouse that it was. Looking at the network as a whole, Jeff, Brian, Craig and Guy must look back now and truly be proud of what they created back in the day. It’s only when you view SCA now that it demonstrates how great these brands once were.

All good things come to an end though, and while Jamie is oozing the traits of the aforementioned names, even then my opinion is that it doesn’t quite fit in 2019. What is the right thing to do in SCA’s case right now? Well that’s the $10,000 Pop Quiz question…

I just hope Jamie doesn’t fall victim to the 2DayFM revolving door at Breakfast.

Good luck to the kids that have been tasked with turning things around in the SCA network. You’ve been trained by some of the world’s best radio minds, and it sure sounds like you are giving it your best shot.

21 Aug 2019 - 12:35 am

Who is this station actually trying to target now? It sounds all over the place. Even the imaging is flat.

21 Aug 2019 - 6:08 am

Way too many ads sorry

21 Aug 2019 - 6:10 am

2DAYFM like many of the Hit stations suffers from poor execution. Old pro’s like Duncan and PJ know how to execute formats.

21 Aug 2019 - 6:35 am

Oh well time to move on. Format terrible and really old fashioned feels like bad am radio

Dave Smith
21 Aug 2019 - 8:56 am

So a 30 year old woman hearing Bruce Springstein or Madonna wan’t even born when when the mature Jamie Angel spins them.
Is this a really bad joke?

21 Aug 2019 - 10:41 am

Rod… what the hell are you on about? It’s not going to work…… but if it does, all over SCA stations will follow. Why the hell would they do that? Why would Hit105 and Hit92.9 go to this format only to leave NOVA to have sole dominance over the CHR format? Why would Newcastle and the Gold Coast abandon being the only clear CHR’s in their markets?

With that way of thinking YOU’d only be trusted to make decisions in a place like Wagga Wagga or a town with population of 13….

The Cynic
21 Aug 2019 - 1:29 pm

I reckon there’s one or two legitimate comments here (and on other articles), the rest are the same old crowd that just stick the boot into WHATEVER happens at 2Day/SCA these days. Half of me actually thinks the marketing team at ARN/Nova are sitting here furiously typing away negative comments lols. Cant remember there being so much hate for the Mix/ARN format after 20+ years of non-performance

Truth Bomber
21 Aug 2019 - 1:31 pm

Jamie sounds cool – it’s gonna be fine. the curtains will match the carpet soon, the records are in the extremes – but you can do that when ya last and hope for more intel to rebuild a new conversation/relationship with the listeners. Im listening. And If anyone thinks this is the end of the story they really need to keep punching along in their community stations, or retirement… Not you Paul. You’re brilliant, weird but brilliant

22 Aug 2019 - 12:07 am

Other than pull the pin completely and go silent, SCA had to do something and this was it. Jamie Angel is always good so maybe it might work, but the music is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too old. How can a station still brand itself as ‘2Day’ if the music goes back the best part of 40 years!! If they’re going to stick with music from the ’80s to now, then it’s time for a rebrand. I wonder if ARN would ark up if SCA were to use ‘Mix’ in Sydney?

22 Aug 2019 - 9:05 am

I better cancel my Spotify subscription now.


Dave Smith
22 Aug 2019 - 6:15 pm

Had a listen and whoever is doing the music needs to take some urgent action.
Many of the 30 year old listeners weren’t even born when many of the songs that stations plays came out.
It would be like stations in the 1980’s playing Bing Crosby!

Michael Tunn
23 Aug 2019 - 8:59 pm

Greg James has nailed this music breakfast on Radio one but he’s a naturally talented performer who can make you laugh by making a mistake

Jamie love your work but have a listen on iPlayer that’s the new Doug I doubt I could quite pull it off

27 Aug 2019 - 8:01 pm

Triple J all the way, at least they play and support new Aussie music. No adds to listen to either. I use to be a SCA listener but unfortunately they haven’t been able to cut the mustard in a long time. Then I switched to KIIS but I got bored with constant sexual innuendos and same jokes from Kyle and Jackie.

29 Aug 2019 - 12:08 am

Changing stations today not loving the music it’s a Little boring .its a shame the show was cancelled .this time of the morning needs to be informative humorous and interactive and wake me up not put me to sleep again .


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