Line in the sand for 2Day Breakfast ?

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The Telegraph’s Sydney Confidential online headline says in Big Bold Font:

Who will replace failing 2DayFM breakfast hosts Sophie Monk, Jules Lund and Merrick Watts?



“SOPHIE Monk, Jules Lund and Merrick Watts might still be cheerfully chatting away on air for 2DayFM’s breakfast show but the question in Australian radio circles is how long can they last?”

It’s a fair question, and when you look at the hard black and white reality of the recent survey #5 figures you can jump to that conclusion fast.

Back with Survey #4, RadioToday’s Brad March summed up his thoughts with “Time for change at 2Day FM now!” When it comes to the talent Brad said: 

The opportunity for 2Dayfm is younger females. Does the current breakfast show appeal to that demographic?  No!  

Sophie Monk possibly does but not the rest of the team. Merrick and Jules sound good but again, this is a strategic problem, not an execution issue.

SCA programmers have done a good job with 2Day, and under extraordinary circumstances.

But 2Day's problem is strategy – not execution.

From SCA’s perspective, our chat with Craig Bruce on survey day stated some facts from his side of the fence with 2DayFM

Craig said:  “Given where we are at with our product cycle and understanding the  unique situation we are in –  we handed a ten year number one show to the opposition –  so we are really starting from scratch – all you want to see in the early stages is to see some sampling and cume come and that’s what has happened today (survey) for us.”

For Craig, those signs were 50,000 new listeners into the breakfast show and 55,000 new listeners into the brand.

But is that enough?

Back to Telegraph and the list of potential replacements for 2Day Breakfast:

“Dan Debuf and Maz Compton — who host the Dan and Maz Drive show for the Today network — are already being touted as strong contenders to take over the ailing 2DayFM breakfast slot.”

“But other insiders are pointing at the high-profile comedians Hamish and Andy, who are being wooed to consider a national show for Southern Cross Austereo (SCA), the parent network.”

The Telegraph also quoted an SCA spokeswoman who said “on this occasion we don’t have an official statement … as we won’t be adding to the rumour mill”.

For Craig Bruce, his focus was clear when it came to Sydney.

“The thing for us is, for Sydney we are not focussed on Kiis for the moment – we are focused on Nova and that’s not really a big hill to climb at the moment.

They would have their own issues – clearly with Fitzy and Wippa and as much as everyone loves Fitzy and Wippa – they are ripper blokes, and I personally like both of them – the show's not working. Our show doesn’t have a number yet – because we are five books in – they're 3 years in, and with the backing of News Limited and a hell of a marketing campaign in the last 5 to 6 weeks – they have gone backwards.”

Will Survey 6 or 7 be the line in the sand for 2Day Breakfast ?


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