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Recently I wrote an article on sales meetings that generated a lot of interest – Eleven Ways to Make Sales Meetings More Effective.

Based on the feedback and comments it seems that at regular meetings all over the country, too many sales managers still do all the talking and the sales team still do all the listening or in some cases just sitting there being bored and disengaged – resulting in a lose-lose outcome; a team of grumpy demotivated sales people!!

Group Discussion

In conducting sales manager coaching I challenge my clients to make their meetings more valuable, more interesting and ultimately more effective; for them and their team. They do this by introducing a regular subject for group discussion; a subject each week that it important to their business, their clients or the development of their team.

The response is amazing with comments such as “I have never thought about introducing this type of thing to my meetings” or as another manager said “the guys love this stuff”.

The Topics

Below are 26 topics you might like to use to spice up your meeting (that’s one per fortnight). Try it and then compare it to what you currently discuss……the weekly numbers, the latest management announcement, who missed budget, how bad the economy is, yaddah, yaddah.

1. Ideas to avoid discounting our rate (or price)

2. What is Client Focussed Selling?

3. 15 great questions to ask a new prospect

4. The best ways to maintain communication with a current client

5. Cold Calling v Warm Calling. What’s the difference?

6. Ideas for effective key account management

7. Making our sales meeting more effective

8. The top 5 attributes of the best prospect for our business

9. The importance of a social media presence for sales people

10. The sales pipeline – is it really a factor in sales success?

11. Tweeting a daily idea to the client base

12. Best responses to our most common objections

13. Are role plays important to our skill development?

14. What mistakes have we made recently?

15. Our 3 main competitive advantages

16. The best sales & management books to read

17. Team SWOT (or company, product or customer service)

18. Recovering lost (or lapsed) clients

19. What I’d do if I was sales manager for a day

20. My favourite business (or sales or training) blog

21. 10 great questions to ask our current clients

22. The things our customers dislike (or like)

23. Creating an effective 30 second introduction (or elevator pitch)

24. Is needs based selling fact or fiction?

25. The best training course I have ever attended

26. Recent news items (or online articles/blogs) our clients should know about

Free Plug

By the way if you’d like to know more about the implementation process for these topics, how to format the discussions, tie them back into key learnings and create more effective team meetings contact me at: [email protected]


Stephen Pead is a media industry sales and marketing veteran of 30 years with significant experience in sales, sales management and general management. He is based in Sydney and specialises in providing training and coaching for salespeople and sales managers via his company Sales Solutions.

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