$21k stolen from Fitzy’s Accounts

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Nova 969’s Fitzy was in the US with his wife for the survey break, when he got a call from his bank.

Fitzy had had his accounts skimmed to the tune of $21,000 – useful timing given survey started today, so a handy time for a news article!

“A bloke had visited three separate banks as Ryan Fitzgerald and has taken out three transactions of $5000 each,

“He knew my pin for my savings account and everything. He then got another $4200 and used a new credit card that he set up under my name twice”, Fitzy told The Telegraph.

Someone had stolen his identity while on holidays and went to a couple of banks and spend on the credit card.

“In total, he’s taken home $19,200 in cash and bought $2000 worth of stuff on credit. It was a teller from Seven Hills who started asking him questions when he tried again. He then did a runner.”

The bank is refunding Fitzy. Read more in The Telegraph.

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