Revealed: Winners of the 2019 Radio’s Best Boss Awards

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It turns out there is no shortage of great bosses in the radio industry.

Since asking the industry to nominate their worthy superiors, The Music Network has been inundated with hundreds of submissions.

Being a boss can be a thankless job, but plenty of you took the opportunity to give a shoutout to those who’ve been leaders throughout the industry.

We heard stories about bosses going the extra mile to get a hire over the line, taking time out from their daily routine to check in on struggling employees, and plenty who’ve put in countless hours behind the scenes to foster the best workplace culture possible.

So as we race towards the new decade, those leaders amongst us are about to receive some recognition (and a limited edition Best Boss coffee mug), and they’ve got you to thank for it.

Without further ado, here are the creme of the crop – as nominated by their employees.

Amy Collett – Regional Content Director – WA @ Southern Cross Austereo

Nominated by: Daniel Leach

Amy is someone that you always hope to work for.

Someone who knows the craft, is continually making everyone better, fights tooth and nail for our team day in and day out.

And that’s not an easy thing for someone who has 15 announcers spread across the southern half of WA (which takes in about 300,000 square kms – the furtherest announcer away from the Bunbury hub is 750km where isolation can always be an issue.

There’s been days of struggle, but many days of massive wins to create some amazing radio, touch the lives of listeners and bring a little fun into their days. And Amy is the driver of that.

And the announcers have Amy’s back as well – we wouldn’t work as hard as we do if we didn’t believe in her ambition… and there are some massive hours every week!

I would ask though that the prize become a cocktail glass instead of a coffee mug… but hey, beggars can’t be choosers.

Nominated by: Cliff Reeve

Under incredibly trying circumstances Amy is the glue for the team. Caring, I’ve had a tough year and Amy has been nothing but supportive through it for me.

I’ve seen Amy help other members of the team not only with work, offering an ear and a shoulder and despite her day sometimes going to garbage she’s always available to listen.

In the office she’s overseen or originated some brilliant programming and boosted the online presence for both streams as well as the physical presence within the marketplace.

This year Bunbury Hub was acknowledged as the number 1 cultural workplace in the company, there is one reason for that, Amy Collett.

She’s not afraid to go into bat for her people despite that move not being popular sometimes, Amy is fiercely protective of her staff and her stations.

Of course, there are times a kick in the backside is needed but it’s not handed out in a belittling manner, the message is conveyed and lessons (hopefully) learned then we move on.

The Bunbury Hub is a very, very busy place, we’ve been understaffed for so long most can’t recall when we weren’t stretched however Amy makes every endeavour to have fun while we get it done.

I will acknowledge some in higher places have looked sideways at Amy as she can be loud, brash, and uncompromising and refuses to play the political game and that’s another reason why her people love working with and for her.

Over my years I have worked with some dreadful, alleged managers, walking up the back stairs dreading what the day might hold, Amy Collett brings the sunshine.

She’s one of the reasons to strive for excellence.

I nominate Amy Collett with reservation and may I say she bloody deserves to win !!!

Tia Davis – Group Integration & Marketing Manager @ i98FM/WIN Radio

Nominated by: Blake Stanbridge

Tia Davis is one manager who is synonymous with hard work, passion, and dedication to both her staff and station. I’ve had the privilege of working under Tia for four years and in those years, I have seen exactly what it takes to be a leader.

Tia has one of the busiest roles in our station, managing i98’s marketing, promotions, sponsorships and relationships with the wider Illawarra community. Despite her busy schedule, her door is always open for staff members, many of whom often seek her out for counsel and advice in regards to their own roles.

Over the past 15 years, Tia has also been an integral member in organising the i98FM Illawarra Convoy, an event which this year has raised over $16 million for sick and disadvantaged children. Her dedication to this event is inspiring, and I can wholeheartedly say that this event would not be as successful as it is without all of her hard work. Tia’s knowledge of the radio industry and passion for people makes her an imperative part of the team here at i98FM.

Tia is always the first person ready to get her hands dirty, working immensely hard to deliver results that i98FM and the Illawarra community are proud of. She continues to be incredibly humble in her work and is someone that you would want as your boss in this fast-paced industry.

I am truly grateful to have a manager like Tia. It is very rare to find a manager who is both a mentor and friend, and in Tia, I am glad to say that I have found both.

In our industry, there is no one more deserving of recognition than Tia Davis.

Nominated by: Georgia Schirmer

Tia goes above and beyond for all staff at i98. Her door is always open and she offers her assistance for her staff wherever she can. She’s an amazing manager and i98fm, and C91.3 are extremely lucky to have her!

Nominated by: Meegan Thomson

Tia is the most inspirational bosses and people I have ever worked with! Always calm and supportive in all interactions with staff and clients. The level of mentoring she provides her team, helps build future leaders with strong work ethics and vision!

She has helped build the Illawarra Community Foundation which in its 15 years has raised $16.3M, whilst remaining incredibly humble and grounded.

Tia is a much deserving recipient of this recognition within the Radio Industry, especially from the WIN Network!

Nominated by: Marty Haynes

Tia is a great leader in our workplace, our GM is split between 2 places and she steps up every bit of the way.

Her passion to help others is outstanding and always leads every promotion with great work ethic which makes everyone within our small radio station lift. She displays every bit of what the best boss should be.

Nominated by: Peter Norman

I cannot give you the best and most heartwarming story…I do not do those and to be fair given that Tia is not my boss there are far more qualified people to supply that than I. What I can tell you is that in the two years that I have worked ( and sometimes battled with) Tia, I have found her to be one of the most passionate radio people that I have ever had the good fortune to work alongside.

I have been in the industry for a tick over 30 years and worked in both Australia and the UK. Tia always puts others first and is available at all times to assist me with advice or simply a chat. Having worked alongside some great and not so great radio people she has proven herself to be one of the best- on both sides of the globe.

It may not be heartwarming or the best but it is a most sincere recommendation. Give Tia the mug….please!! And if you have found a worthier recipient due to the heartwarming angle please find another mug.

Nominated by: Tyler-Claire Thompson

There is no job too big, small, tedious or straight-up ridiculous that Tia couldn’t handle. She’s the mother of the station, a shoulder to cry on but also probably that person to encourage you to “get the fuck off your ass and chase your stupid-ass dreams.”

She’s an ideas girl and across every department, Tia will throw out ideas for a ridiculous Breakfast stunt to win Bon Jovi tickets or ways to raise $10k for a family in need within our community.

If every station had a Tia, every station would be a beautiful place to work within.

Nominated by: Karen Fahey

 Tia is a true professional and leads her team by example. This is displayed by the way she treats everyone and also conducts herself in the office. Tia always goes above and beyond in her role for all our team members. There have been in-numerous times I have needed help to put together an action-packed campaign at short notice. Every single time Tia has gone out of her way to help me make this happen and been enthusiastic in the process.

Tia gets called on regularly to assist in many other areas of the business  and she always takes on those responsibilities with grace too!

Tia is a very humble, hard-working and energetic leader who should be recognised for the amazing contribution she makes to i98FM and the entire WIN Network.

Nominated by: Jay Gasser

Tia is a boss like no other I’ve ever had, she is supportive, genuine and loving, but shes also hardworking and makes my job and everyone else below her easier. She started in the very position i am in now and worked her way up to being the boss and it’s well deserved.

Nominated by: Annalise Avramoska

Tia is an amazing boss, she is not only supportive within the promotions department but encourages all team members within all departments to do their best. If there is ever a problem within the team I know that I can count on her to help us out, any job promotion that comes my way she is willing to help and push my further in my career which just shows simply how selfless she is!

Not only does she support i98fm but also our sister station C91.3fm, travelling multiple times a week to ensure they feel just as supported as us!

I feel privileged to work under such an inspiring and wonderful boss.

Nominated by: Courtney Borg

Tia and I have worked alongside each other for over 10 years and I’ve never met a more selfless, devoted, positive, hard-working person. When I returned from maternity leave, there had been a slight restructure and I was now reporting to her and quite frankly, I was ecstatic!

Being a witness to her work ethic, her balanced approach, her great ideas and the support she gives not just her staff but every single person within our company, I felt privileged to be a part of her team. She continues to go above and beyond for me every day and I cannot thank her enough.

Nominated by: Christie Hayes

Tia is a boss (and a Lady boss!) unlike any other.

In a radio world where people need to be able to be human on-air, Tia comforts, leads,  shows up and runs our station in a capacity which keeps us firmly the number one radio station in the Illawarra.

In my personal experience going through grief this year, she has held my hand, my heart, and even my microphone in her arms.

She is a massive reason that our radio station raises millions of dollars annually thanks to the i98FM Illawarra Convoy Promotion, and she is also the reason for our fantastic morale.

She started as a Street Fleeter and worked her way up to Promotions Manager which she now does across two radio stations, and she does it all like a boss. Like a lady boss. Like THE BEST BOSS!

In the words of the famous Legally Blonde film, “Vote for Tia!”

Nominated by: Hana Cowperthwaite

Tia is one of a kind. She has this incredible ability to know exactly how to handle any situation that may arise in a fair and professional but also lovely way. She is so hardworking and very good at what she does – she definitely leads this ship!

Nominated by: Alan Davis

Tia is one of the most humble and hardworking people in our industry.  She is the first person willing to help, there is nothing she wouldn’t do to help any of her staff or colleagues.

Andy Procopis – Integration Manager @ Australian Radio Network

Nominated by: Dom Agnew

Andy has made my relocation from New Zealand to Australia a smooth transition. He truly has gone over and above his duties as a manager to ensure I’ve settled into ARN, the Australian Radio industry, Sydney as a city, and the LGBT Community in Sydney.

He’s helped me navigate everything from how to-and-from work + the in’s and outs of working at ARN. He drops me off home regularly, which helps tremendously especially after stressful days on the tools.

Outside of work he’s inviting me to LGBT events and gatherings with him and his friends, which has helped me find my tribe within our rainbow community in Sydney. I’m only a few years out of the closet, so he has made what I thought would be a daunting process, so easy.

He’s my Manager first and foremost, but he’s also now a really good mate and a mentor at work and outside of work. He definitely deserves Boss Of The Year!

Nominated by: Hannah Mayjor

Andy is the most supportive, well rounded and incredible manager I could have ever asked for.

He is there for us at work, where no matter how busy it gets he will ALWAYS remain approachable and pause anything to grab a room and talk if you need it. He’s there for us in the good times, with “Adhoc” benchmarks such as “Highlights” where we say any peaks of the day (whether it be winning a campaign or just managing to not cry haha) or boozy Karaoke sessions. And he’s there for us in the tough times like when I had a personal emergency and he gave me a “blank cheque” of sick days or early marks where necessary. He was my absolute lifeline this year.

When he hired me in 2018, the role set out for me was merely an idea (not yet established, no real processes in place). I was a Direct Sales Coord from Melbourne, a little shell-shocked and absolutely desperate to prove myself at ARN. The way Andy managed me, given the amount of others he had to manage was inspiring. He taught me everything I needed to know, answered 1000’s of questions and most of all gave me pep talk after pep talk on how and why I was valued. I went from an apologetic, confused new-starter to a proud project manager.

I’ve never worked harder in my life and I attribute it to him because he makes us (myself and the team) feel respected. He makes us actually want to show up and do well. Knowing how hard I try, he secretly campaigned for everyone in the office to vote for me in our annual company values award. I won it last week and while I was so happy I cried (you would have thought it was an Oscar! haha) the one thing that has stuck with me from the photo capturing the moment, is Andy’s face in the background. You can see him air-punching and looking genuinely, endearingly proud.

I’m putting him forward for this because just like he put me forward for the company award, I know it would mean the absolute world to him. Would love nothing more than to share tears n beers over this!!

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Bianca dye
20 Dec 2019 - 12:20 pm

Tia is WONDERUL!!!!! Wooohooooo go ur amazing lady!!!

20 Dec 2019 - 1:32 pm

Well done Andy Procopis.

It’s been great to watch your career flourish, from Brisbane to London to Melbourne and now Sydney.

Hold up a second
22 Dec 2019 - 10:08 pm

I didn’t know Andy was from Brisbane? He never mentioned that!

Congrats mate


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