$100K Chock-a-Block won

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Over six weeks Perth’s mix94.5 was giving someone the chance to win a massive $100K.

113 finalists were in Freo this morning with Clairsy, Shane and Kymba for breakfast.

With a bunch of random draws, by 8am they had whittled it down to just three finalists. Each then having to choose one of three toolboxes – one with the cash.

Alexandra from Marangaroo had a premonition early this morning that she was going to win the 100K…. and she did!


What’s Alexandra going to spend her winnings on?

“I’m so speechless, I’m so grateful that I haven’t even thought about what I’m going to spend it on,” she said.

“It’s just going to help out so much with my mortgage.

“I bought a house at 21 with my partner and we struggle like there’s no tomorrow so it’ll be so nice just to get a bit of relief.”

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