TOP NEW TALENT FOR 2018: 10 Questions with Sam Taunton

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Radio Today has named Sam Taunton as a Top New Talent to Watch in 2018 and beyond.

Comedian, MTV Australia VJ, radio announcer… Sam Taunton is a natural triple threat when it comes to the entertainment business.

Since bursting onto the comedy scene in the 2015 Triple J RAW Comedy National Final (where he received the judges’ ‘Special Mention’ award), Sam has gone on to receive a nomination for Best Newcomer at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival and captivate audiences all over the world.

Comedy Next Gen – Sam Taunton

Did you live in fear of this in high school? #ComedyNextGen

Posted by ABC COMEDY on Friday, 19 January 2018

Combining savvy storytelling with quick-fire punchlines, Sam also enjoyed some time on the airwaves at JOY 94.9 in Melbourne alongside fellow comedian Alex Ward.

Below, Sam answers Ten Questions from Radio Today.

  • Who/what inspired you to choose a career in radio?

As a stand-up comedian, there’s been a long tradition in comics moving into radio and I figured I should try and do the same! There have always been radio shows I loved when growing up – ‘Get This’ with Tony Martin and Ed Kavalee on Triple M, ‘Adam and Wil’ on triple j for instance.

I just like being funny and radio is one of the best (if not the best) platform to do that.

  • Most memorable on-air moment so far?

I asked a guest when she was expecting and she smiled and said she wasn’t.

  • What was the most awkward moment you had in your early years of radio?

It didn’t happen in a radio interview, but at Splendour In The Grass last year I was interviewing Lil Yachty for MTV and he hated me. Like, proper hated me. To the point where he refused to speak and just cuddled a teddy bear the whole time.

It was cute that he was cuddling the teddy bear, but interviews always go better when more than one person talks.

  • What’s one radio skill that you’ve mastered, and what’s one radio skill that you’re currently working on?

Well, I currently don’t have a full-time radio gig… so getting a full-time job would be the thing I’m working on the most!

I don’t think I’ve mastered much, but I think there’s nothing more important than learning exactly how long it takes to wee and make a cup of tea, then applying that information to a song break.

  • How do you prepare for your shift on-air?

Generally, I prepare in the same way Conor McGregor prepares for a UFC title fight: 6-8 weeks of sparring, grappling and the use of an underwater treadmill, with the resistance of the water helping me gradually build endurance.

It may be unconventional but it helped me make this list!

  • How does the person you are on air differ from the person you are off air?

On-air I’m much nicer, positive and generally seem to lead an exciting life! In real life I can be very cynical and am at my happiest when the UberEats person delivers and I’m stuck in a YouTube hole of videos about cats and dogs becoming friends.

  • What’s the one piece of advice you were given that you can pass along?

It’s probably only relevant to stand-ups: but never stop doing stand-up when you do radio. It’s easy to want to take a break, but not only will your stand-up suffer, your radio will as well.

That was from Lawrence Mooney… I’m a big fan.

  • Sum up working in radio in three words.

After work drinks.

  • What’s your dream radio job?

International Breakfast: 6am-9am broadcasting to every city in the world! No role currently exists, but with hard work and a drastic shift in the way we globally consume media, ANYTHING is possible!

  • If you weren’t working in radio, what would you be doing?

I’d like to be a Twitter bot. Just following, trolling and favouriting. The simple life!

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