TOP NEW TALENT FOR 2018: 10 Questions with Jess Farchione

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Radio Today has named Jess Farchione as a Top New Talent to Watch in 2018 and beyond.

Recognised as Best Newcomer On-Air (Provincial) at last year’s ACRAs thanks to her work at Shepparton’s hit96.9, all eyes were on where Jess would end up next. And the move to Hit 106.9 Newcastle to join Simon Baggs and Nick Gill on the Breakfast team.

At the time of the announcement, SCA Newcastle group content director Mike Byrne told Radio Today: “Jess is a very much an up and comer. She’s smart, funny and just a really good egg”.

Broadcasting with an air of experience far beyond her youth, she’s settled into her new city nicely and has quickly been able to share personal anecdotes, relating to listeners like someone who has been in the job for years.

Below, Jess answers Ten Questions from Radio Today.

  • Who/what inspired you to choose a career in radio?

I wish I’d played less of a passive role in choosing radio as a career. My best mate Mel was studying media communications a few years ago and thought she’d get involved with community radio to see if that was a path she might like to pursue after the course ended. Mel’s prehistoric Daewoo Kalos was out of action and she needed a lift that night to the information session, so I just went along to check it out and basically never left.

  • Most memorable on-air moment so far?

It’d either be 6:02am on Tuesday January 23 2018, hearing our current show opener for the first time – best show opener in the country if you ask me.

Or it’d be the birthday message montage my first co-host Tommy organised last year of all my favourite radio people sending love.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESSTommy got a few of Jess' favourite people to send her a bit of birthday love. Including – Angus O'Loughlin, Ash London, Sophie Cachia – The Young Mummy, Shelly Horton, Dan Anstey and Clint Stanaway.

Posted by Hit Goulburn Valley on Wednesday, 12 April 2017

  • What was the most awkward moment you had in your early years of radio?

I pre-recorded a competition winner who was just incredibly excited and after she hung up, still recording, I celebrated her excellent reaction by exclaiming, “We hit the f****** jackpot!” But I forgot to cut that bit off the audio and put it ALL to air minutes later. Now I’m scarred and can’t fully enjoy it when people are good winners.

  • What’s one radio skill that you’ve mastered, and what’s one radio skill that you’re currently working on?

I’m 26 and have been employed as an announcer for less than two years. I am not comfortable saying I’ve mastered anything, but I think one of my strongest skills is finding a way to make things local. I love hearing, “you wouldn’t hear that anywhere else”. I guess I’m still working on the rest.

  • How do you prepare for your shift on-air?

I read. From as many different sources as possible.

  • How does the person you are on air differ from the person you are off air?

I had never called anyone “mate” until I started on air, and now it’s trickle into my off-air lexicon as well. I also swear a lot off air.

  • What’s the one piece of advice you were given that you can pass along?

Don’t be afraid to have an opinion.

  • Sum up working in radio in three words.

Not for everyone.

  • What’s your dream radio job?

I’m in it. Great city, phenomenal team… now we just need to rate I guess.

  • If you weren’t working in radio, what would you be doing?

My mum always thought I’d make a good lawyer; my dad thought I’d be great in business development. My brother actually said “You’d be an ex-hotel manager who was sensationally ‘let go’ after telling an Insta-famous model to get f***** for returning her avo on toast because the poached egg was over-cooked, when the yolk was clearly still runny”.

I did always want to run hotels.

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8 Mar 2018 - 12:11 pm

Jess is a ripper. It was obvious when she was here, off-air at ARN Melbourne, that she was a bubbly-being that was destined for great things. I wish her nothing but success, except if she’s doing Mornings in Melbourne, or Arvos’ in Adelaide, then “what-evs”.


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