TOP NEW TALENT FOR 2018: 10 Questions with Brooke Boney

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Radio Today has named Brooke Boney as a Top New Talent to Watch in 2018 and beyond.

Connecting the triple j team to Hack and ABC News through her work as a news presenter, Brooke also often provides the voice of reason to the Breakfast show.

Brooke is a Gamilaroi Gomeroi woman who grew up in Northern NSW, before studying journalism at UTS and volunteering at Koori Radio.

She then did a stint in Canberra where she covered two election campaigns, multiple leadership spills and four Prime Ministers as SBS’s NITV News political reporter. An accomplished journalist, Brooke has also covered Indigenous and foreign affairs for ABC News and now shares that wealth of experience on triple j Breakfast, where she joins triple j Brekkie boys Ben & Liam every weekday morning.

Bird News

"It's 8:30, time for bird news"

Posted by Ben and Liam on Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Below, Brooke answers Ten Questions from Radio Today.

  • Who/what inspired you to choose a career in radio?

I did work experience at Power FM in Muswellbrook when I was in Grade 10 at high school, so it’s always been something I’ve been keen on. triple j was a lifeline for teenagers in small country towns and such an important part of the way young people establish their identities. I also just wanted to be part of the discussions around Indigenous affairs. I was sick of other people talking about issues that were really important to me in a way that made the situation worse or not covering them at all.

  • Most memorable on-air moment so far?

Everyday is fun with Ben & Liam, but I love when we get to talk about things that are really important to us. Whether it’s mental health or Indigenous affairs – speaking to young people about stuff that matters gives me life. One of my personal favourites was Sorry Day this year, but Liam talking about his struggles on R U OK Day has been the absolute highlight so far.

  • What was the most awkward moment you had in your early years of radio?

Anytime there is more than one foreign name in a bulletin I get heart palpitations. Also, I accidentally said ‘ass slapper’ on air to describe a Nick Murphy song. I’ll just blame the lack of sleep for that one…

  • What’s one radio skill that you’ve mastered, and what’s one radio skill that you’re currently working on?

Wrangling the boys like a cranky big sister is something I’ve mastered over the past year. Being new to breakfast radio from ABC TV News, there’s still plenty of stuff for me to work on but I admire the interview techniques of people like Zan Rowe and Fran Kelly.

  • How do you prepare for your shift on-air?

I read everything. Newspapers, magazines, blogs… everything. If my time in the Press Gallery in Parliament House has taught me anything it’s that a story can pop up out of nowhere and you’ll have to speak on it with authority at short notice, and the only way to do that is to actually know what you’re talking about.

  • How does the person you are on air differ from the person you are off air?

I’m probably a little bit more shy off air. I feel very at home in the studio and with our Breakfast team, so it’s easy to be myself.

  • What’s the one piece of advice you were given that you can pass along?

Be across your brief and be authentic.

  • Sum up working in radio in three words.

Intense. Exhausting. Fun.

  • What’s your dream radio job?

It’s hard to imagine another job where I get to have as much fun and still get to talk about things that matter to me but I’ve always imagined/hoped/dreamed of being Fran Kelly when I grow up.

  • If you weren’t working in radio, what would you be doing?

I’d certainly be less sleep deprived. Probably trying to make my way back down to Canberra.

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