Fitzy resigns from Nova in stunt

Nova 96.9's Fitzy & Wippa got in early for April Fools Day this year by shocking their bosses when Fitzy pretended to quit radio live on-air.

The announcement sent PD Brendan Taylor and APD Tony Aldridge racing down the corridor to the studio to stop what was happening. What they didn't know was that Fitzy & Wippa got the techs to play the pre-recorded break through the station speakers only.

Check out how it all happened below :-

Anonymous(22:08 30 Mar 2014)
nice acting by all. on air talent and behind the scenes people.
Anonymous(22:22 30 Mar 2014)
You have to wonder.. is there really trouble in paradise for the bosses to react in this manner? To actually believe that he would resign in this way..? It seems very agressive.. perhaps a little TOO agressive.. =/
tim lee(22:43 30 Mar 2014)
such funny. much laugh. very humor. awesome!
Bob(23:18 30 Mar 2014)
Hilarious stitch up. I can only imagine that was the PD who was barking and pointing threateningly at the panel op. I thought he was going to have a stroke. Lol.
Anonymous(0:36 31 Mar 2014)
That poor panel op! Geez! That PD was giving him daggers! Hope there was a little sit down chat after that! Hilarious video though. Awesome.
Chris(0:52 31 Mar 2014)
I thought this was great, but the only thing I didn't get was why the bosses outside didn't just barge in instead of hoping the panel op would turn off the mics.
Pithy(1:11 31 Mar 2014)
Love it! Great idea!
Superbly executed.
david(4:49 31 Mar 2014)
Nothing in this for the listeners.
An insular self serving stunt that went nowhere.
Grow up. Try connecting with your audience not 8 dmg employees and some industry wankers.
Anonymous(7:24 31 Mar 2014)
It's all people have been talking about today, in and out of radio. Three or four people asked if I'd seen it today.
You have to think more broadly mate. Listeners... were just a tiny slice of the multimedia/social media pie who consumed this content, enjoyed and shared.

Nova had a win today,
Anonymous(5:36 01 Apr 2014)
David, enough with the sour grapes. I also heard about this stunt from about 6 different people - outside of radio. Not to mention how many of my FB friends shared it on their wall. To me, that's a win.
Brad(0:53 09 Apr 2014)
SAFM's recent 'emergency tape' stunt was self-serving. Why would anyone outside radio care what's on the emergency tape?

Nova's April Fool's stunt was great because it has broad appeal. No matter what job you're in - people love a good joke at the expense of management.

By the way - I'm not affiliated with either station/network.

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