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The promotions department is the weird department that seems to have things fall into it that just don’t seem to definitively fit into anyone else role. From a bit of marketing, to helping out the shows in general, every day can be a different adventure.

Those that work outside promotions aren’t always exposed to these adventures and whilst we cannot empathise with challenges in other departments, it’s always fun to know..

You know you work in promotions when…

1.       You can no longer even think about consuming or even paying for flavoured milk, juices or ‘icy cold cans of coke’. Or will ever forget the smell of that out of date spearmint milk which accidently exploded in the back of the car that time (or three).

2.       You tell a rep that you simply cannot get 100 circus ticket giveaways to air by Monday on a Friday at 4pm, twenty minutes later you find yourself writing announcer liners for Monday.

3.       You sometimes feel like Samuel L Jackson as the negotiator in between content and sales and walk out of a meeting feel like you’ve just negotiated the resurrection of Julia Gillard’s political career.

4.       You don’t think you’ve paid to go to the movies, like, ever. (But seen a lot of random movies)

5.       You are always begging for forgiveness. (Mostly for points 2 & 3 )

6.       Your office is a mixture of what used to look like an office and the odds and ends bin of a $2 store with wigs, inflatable toys, unwanted prizes and stacks of Reece Mastin & Nickelback CD’s being used to prop up your laptop.

7.       One day you’ll find yourself  in the office, the next you’re in the middle of the street dressed as a donkey, duck, bear in any kind of costume, digging giant holes at the beach, dressing your boss in drag, marrying people, fundraising for great causes,  wheeling announcers down the street in a wheelbarrow, watching them pull an aeroplane, loading trailers with barbeques, cooking barbeques, putting up pull up banners, tear drop banners, marquees, drowning in hay, and lugging your tieline pretty much anywhere you can set one up.

8.       Tantrums.

9.       You hear the announcer reading the credit line, and it’s completely wrong. Or they ran the whole spot and forgot to even say the credit line – and now you see your phone immediately calling with the rep’s number flashing at you and you immediately consider moving to Tahiti.

10.   When you tell people you work in radio and they immediately assume you’re on air, or you get heaps of free tickets. Or earn heaps of money. Or know Kyle Sandilands or Hamish & Andy personally.

11.   OB’s….

12.   That at least 47 times a year you think about throwing it all in, but knowing deep down it’s the best love hate relationship you’ve ever been in and why would you ever have it any other way?


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Like most, they are one of who work behind the scenes of the On-Air talent. Safe to say, they have worked in promotions department for a fair amount of time judging by this list. They wanted to remain nameless and hide in the shadows.

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