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** Updated with video **

Late this afternoon I heard that ABC's 7.30 was going to be chatting to John Laws tonight about the Alan Jones situation.

Sounds like it would be an interesting piece.

But…..going by the Twitter comments, and the fact 'John Laws' and #730report has been trending for the last 30 minutes, it has been, well…..let me share some tweets with you, I think that tells the story…

That was the strangest interview I've seen in a while. Who does a formal tv interview with a drink in hand? #abc730

Trying to work out whether that Laws interview was good tv. Going for yes for the WTH factor #abc730 #gold #drink #Elvis

"Valvoline…(takes sip) You know what I mean" John Laws keeps the golden tonsils well lubricated on #730

There's a sketch show on ABC1, the bloke playing John Laws is excellent – love the make up job and the drink!

Every interviewer in the country should just retire now. Nothing will ever top Lawsie on #abc730 with sunnies, a scarf and a bourbon & Coke

did anyone hear anything he said or were you too busy staring #abc730

In 30 years in this business I have never seen anything as awesome as that #abc730 interview with Lawsie.

All that was missing was a white cat and a large cigar. #abc730

"Did you enjoy it?" "Yeah, did you?" "I loved every minute," says Law, then sips his drink and smirks. Thanks #abc730, that was a gas.

See the full interview here…

Enjoy these meme's that were quickly made by viewers….

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