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The future of radio companies like Southern Cross Media, Australian Radio Network and Nova Entertainment is now in the hands of media owners. The proposed media law changes will change radio ownership in Australia significantly.


The Australian Financial Review reported this week, that Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull has started meeting Australia’s top media exec’s looking for compromise and consensus on abolishing the laws which are preventing Australian radio and media companies from consolidating; as has been the case in the US and Europe.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott has indicated the government will only put forward a bill if he can achieve some sort of consensus among media owners. Something that's not going to be easy to achieve!


The rules under review are

  • The “reach rule”, which prevents metro TV networks merging with regional affiliates
  • The “two out of three rule”, which stops ownership of more than two of a – newspaper, commercial TV licence or radio licence in a major market
  • The anti-siphoning list of sports guaranteed for free-to-air TV

Traditional radio and other media companies have been under pressure because of the change in listener and viewer habits and increased share of advertising dollars being spent with online companies.

It's not only a matter of radio and media companies being able to increase profitability but is now becoming a matter of survival for some 

Times have changed, so it looks like it’s time for a change to the old laws. We  could be seeing considerable consolidation between radio stations, television networks and newspaper owners soon.

While it's time for change there will be a great deal of wheeling and dealing behind the scenes before consensus can be achieved. Radio and media groups naturally have their individual plans and strategies, so all have their own agendas. They will be flexing their considerable muscle and the government will want to ensure it gets continued media support especially given current polling, which shows the Abbot government lagging behind the ALP.

The government won't be keen to lose support from media owners, some more so than others.

For the full story read the Australian Financial Review 


Brad March is a Director of Radio Today, is a former CEO of Austereo and has been named Media Executive of the Year. He’s Director of Marchmedia and Pacific Retail Management.



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