What Drives Your Radio Station?

Every business is reliant on sales be it manufacturing, importing, distributing, service oriented, a global multinational or the corner grocery store. As challenging as some particular technical occupations may be, even with years of training and knowledge, selling is equally demanding.

While an advertising salesperson could probably never do the task of a Content or Music Director, it is most likely they couldn’t do the job of a salesperson either.

Without salespeople those people don’t actually have a job.

Every business is a person-to-person business; regardless of what that business sells.

Companies don’t buy advertising campaigns, and ratings numbers don’t sell ads – although they may help the buying and selling process. Always remember buying and selling is an emotional process; it is only people that do the buying and the selling. When advertising revenue weakens, every area of the media company suffers – quotas aren’t met, investors lose faith, finances are cut, people are fired and top talent looks elsewhere.

Sales are the lifeblood of every commercial advertising enterprise – period.

When advertising orders abound and everybody is working to schedule commercials, produce great creative, achieve strong results for clients and ultimately keep advertisers satisfied, while dealing with the daily challenges and problems, often the others (those not selling) don’t really value the contribution of the salesperson. Sometimes you may even hear people gripe about salespeople.

However, as soon as the revenue slows down for even a short time, the company begins to suffer the effect. Everyone becomes intensely sensitive of the need for salespeople and winning revenues in order to provide for the company.

The sales department is the locomotive that drives every media company (on the face of the earth) – and if you as a sales person are first-class at it, you’ll succeed.

Be proud of your standing as a sales person. Inherently it means you are unique, courageous, creative and special. You are the driving force of the advertising industry and without you, we don’t eat.

Sell without regret.

Michael Tate

Sales Director | NRS Media

[email protected]

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