This is Charlie Fox – Part 3 – “Mulray, he’s a dangerous man”

We have shared Charlie Fox’s full story – the final piece is Doug Mulray: “There is no worse place to be than in the Program Directors position with Mulray as a breakfast jock”

We all know that Doug was pure genius – but what was he really like to work with?

This is Charlie Fox Part 3.

This is Charlie Fox Part 2

This is Charlie Fox Part 1

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Rob McKay
12 May 2022 - 7:59 am

A great listen!
Of course I knew about Charlie when I was the lone wolf in Brisbane starting TripleM in 1980 & also going down the disruptive path of tossing out the TripleM brand in ‘82 and changing to FM104, Rock in Stereo (I forgot to tell the board if I could do that!).
But I never really got to know Charlie, I wish I had! Our thoughts are/were so similar.
A wonderful interview. Thanks for the memories Charlie!


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