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Tonight at the ARIAS John Farnham will celebrate 30 years of the success of Whispering Jack. I remember the day John and Glenn came into my office at 2DAYFM and we listened to Whispering Jack.

It was an album of hit singles but You’re The Voice was the first to be released. We immediately took it to the studio and we all listened to it for the first time, it was ever played on air.  In those days  it was very uncool to play any Farnham, because he was defined by Sadie and that is why many programmers would not play him.  I judged his music at that time and it was obvious that it would be a massive album lead by Your’e The Voice.

The Solid Gold CD presented to me was engraved with the words, Presented to Cherie Romaro “The Whisper Started Here”.

I am not one for accolades but this one holds a special place in my heart. A note from Glenn Wheatley “there was only one person who added and believed in Whispering Jack, Cherie Romaro”. So congratulations to John Farnham on an amazing career so far…. a brilliant voice.

I, for one will enjoy the performance tonight.

About: Cherie Romaro:

A long and distinguished  career in senior management in radio –  working at iconic brands like 2Day FM, Triple M and Mix – Cherie is Managing Director of International Media, where she provides senior management expertise in general management, programming and marketing for radio and television. Cherie specialises in the creation of radio formats and programming and management of television Networks and Digital Content. She also designs, develops and implements strategies for media business’s to reposition or re-launch.

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