The Value of Podcasting for Radio Talent


Ryan Jon, breakfast announcer from SCA’s Hot FM WA has a podcast series called ‘From The Internet’.

The rapidly growing medium of podcasting which is enjoying somewhat of a renaissance is well suited to developing radio talent and for those who wish to perform work that may not be suited to their current on air roles.

Podcasting is the ultimate in audio self-distribution.

Ryan Jon who was has been listed as one of Radio Todays Hot New Talent  started the series in June this year. He’s a strong exponent of podcasting and social media and has struck the right balance combining podcasting and social with a daily breakfast show, crafting and delivering great on air contenton Hot FM WA’s breakfast show, which is networked to a potential audience of more than 305,000 listeners across multiple WA service areas.

Ryan said, I’m the type of person who, when I like something, I then want to make my own. I liked comedy films, I liked radio, I liked building furniture out of old timber and now I like podcasts so here we are “

For on air radio broadcasters it’s worth remembering social media and podcasting is the icing whilst their radio show is the cake. Tracy Johnson talked about this in  ‘Help my social media is better than my radio show ‘.

Previous guests of Ryan’s From The Internet series include Nick Gill from Triple M’s Rush Hour, Tanya Hennessy from Hotfm in Queensland, Tommy Jackett from ARN’s Kiis, Paul ‘Browny’ Brown, Stacy June from The Thinkergirl and non-radio people like Writer Titus O’Reilly, Comedian Ben Pobjie and DIY Rainbow Founder James Brechney.

Ryan says “If you call someone you admire on the phone and ask them about their work it’s intrusive and invasive. If you record it and call it a podcast it’s different apparently”

Asked why he did the series Ryan said, My girlfriend asked me one day how I knew Marriage Celebrant, Josh Withers. I shrugged my shoulders said, “Um, ah, From The Internet?”I thought it would be funny to interview these people I supposedly knew From The Internet but didn’t actually know much about.So then I just went and did it”.

His latest podcast in the series features Zach Mander of Collective Noun the sketch comedy group who create online video content and have a weekly radio show Sunday nights on Hit105.

Zach along with Sam Borgett , Dom Fay and Michael Parenete all previously worked at Brisbane community radio station 96five.

Ryan talks with Zach about how the group decide what’s funny,  wether there’s a place for sketches on radio anymore, how to get your online video’s noticed, how the consumption and distribution of radio and audio is changing and Zach raises the age-old question of content is King versus distribution is King Kong.

Ryan’s podcasts run around 45 minutes and are distributed via iTunes and can be heard here.

Ryan said, I was a big fan of Enough Rope with Andrew Denton. I like long form interviews where you can have genuine conversation and if you stumble on something interesting, you can dig down into the topic without feeling the pressure of being late for the news or not having enough time to squeeze in another Taylor Swift song.”

Podcasts can be an extension of your radio show and brand and they can also provide a platform for a broader range and variety of broadcasting styles and content and are a good way to market and promote yourself, not only to your listeners and new fans but also to radio executives and the industry.

Other examples of radio talent doing great things with podcasting include SEAFM’s Kristen Mercer and Stacey June from The Thinkergirls, Nova’s Daniel Gawned and Bree, Dan & Maz, Hamish & Andy, Kate Tim and Marty and Matt & Alex.

And for out of work radio talent there is no better medium than podcasting to sharpen you’re broadcasting skills and work at your craft.

It’s  the prefect medium for storytelling, interviews, and audio blogging. Podcasts are economical to produce and with more and more listeners (and marketers ) attracted to podcasting you can even make some real money form them.

If you’re not podcasting in 2015, you should be.

So what podcasts does Ryan listen to? I’m a Big Fan of Wil Anderson’s Wilsophy, Stuart Goldsmith’s The Comedian’s Comedian, Nerdy podcasts like Planet Money and Beers, Blokes and Business and like everyone else, I got sucked into Serial.”

Podcasting is a medium made for compelling, authentic, interesting personalities.

In today’s world of on demand audio, podcasting is the way to go.

Brad March is a Director of Radio Today, a former Program Director, Group Program Director & CEO of Austereo and Group Programmer at ARN. He is Director of Marchmedia.

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