The Future of Digital Media is “E” shaped people

With the explosion of digital platforms, the challenge is to find a new mindset and skill set for digital content pioneers.

Our research and testing has shown that a new breed of digital individual is evolving.

The ‘E’ shaped digital content person.

The vertical represents core content expertise.  This is what you expect

The first horizontal is for social – all great content needs to be curated and shared

The second for platforms and technology – you need to understand how content works on different platforms and what tools you can use to shape them

The third for data and analytics – allows for the optimisation of content

For content creators to thrive in 2015, they need to combine both art and science.

They need the passion for inspired content creation but they also need to:

  • Understand how to adapt that content for different platforms – writing copy for Twitter is very different to creating a short-form video for Youtube or a 6s video for Vine
  • They need to understand how the platforms work – how they federate content and how they are engaged by their consumers
  • Finally, they need to use data to evaluate and iterate with their content

In digital, the content is dynamic. Just like radio, it can be updated and changed several times in one day. However, unlike traditional radio, it has the benefit of immediate data driven feedback. This means the content creator has real behavioural data to modify, improve and even radically change the content to make sure it drives maximum engagement.

Welcome to the age of the ‘E’ shaped digital content creator!

Who do you know that fits the E bill?

About: Vijay Solanki

Vijay is the Director of Digital & Innovation with Southern Cross Austereo.

Prior he was Philips Senior Director – Global Digital Innovation at their HQ in Amsterdam. His radio experience goes back to 1999 with Capital Radio, later launching Shazam. He’s been involved with digital strategy for other brands like Castrol and Blackberry and the growth of


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