‘The ACRA entry criteria is flawed’

Another normal pre-ACRA week in every Radio Production Studio around Australia has passed.

The frantic rush to ensure your production department has every entry fully produced and edited in readiness for submission. “ACRA entries up the wahzoo” was a collective cry from the production people buried in their sound padded 4 walls.

I’m an optimist by trade. But this past week has me upset with the ridiculous restraints CRA have put on the entry process for many categories.

Let me explain …

BEST MUSIC PERSONALITY – I was asked by an old colleague at another station in another state to build his ACRA entry. For some crazy reason this person seemed to think I had the Midas touch in exhibiting the best bits from a metro jock, montage into an award winning entry.

The ludicrous part was that we had EXACTLY 1 MINUTE to exhibit what the best of the best can do in a 12 month period. (that’s on average 1152 hours on air for the jock who works 4 hours a day 6 days a week).

The fear this person displayed that the entry NOT go over time (not even by 0.5sec) or his entry would be disqualified was unfair at best, bordering on absurd. (Editor Note: see clarification from ACRAS below)

60 seconds. The best in our business. The people that are playing at the pointy end in a metro market. The people that inspire the next generation of radio star are judged on their craft within 60 seconds.

In my opinion the ACRA entry criteria is flawed. It’s set-up to ensure the judges are not bored sitting thru entries around a board-room table on a Saturday. When it should be structured to ensure YOU have the best chance to showcase your multiple creative talent and skills.

I understand the need to keep entries to a timeframe, that’s not the dispute I pose. Surely 5 minutes is a nice round average? Let’s face it, if your entry is entertaining then time is irrelevant.

So, let us know your view on the timeframes and entry process of what is essentially YOUR AWARDS NIGHT.

Over to you … make a comment below….

OR see the results of our poll 'what is the ideal length for an ACRA entry' here.

Daryl Missen has won many international radio awards and has over 20 years experience in audio production for radio, television and cinema. He is a Sound Designer for Mix 101.1 Melbourne and runs www.RadioPromoTips.com



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