Social Scorecard: Radio’s top social posts this week feat. KIIS 106.5’s Kyle and Jackie O, Nova 96.9’s Fitzy and Wippa and 102.9’s Hot Tomato

Our top picks this week come from KIIS 106.5, Nova 96.9 and 102.9 Hot Tomato.

1. KIIS 106.5’S Kyle and Jackie O: Facebook – ‘Two types of people at Christmas’ (ARN)

From the length, to the talent, even down to the topic – aced it. Topical content is easy to come up with, but grabbing user’s attention during this festive period can be hard. This post however marks the start of thousands of Christmas related content, however it’s timely. They got in before everyone else has.

The other key homerun here is that it stars Jackie. Social media brings fans closer to well-known identities. This clip makes Jackie relatable – as she is struggling with something everyone does during the Christmas period. It a triggers a connection with the audience therefore they are likely to engage and watch the clip in its entirety.

There’s no sure fire way to nail Chrissy content but usually humour and strong visual content marks a winner.

2. Nova 96.9’s Fitzy and Wippa: Facebook –‘ John Cena surprises excited school kids’ (Nova Entertainment)

Grab a hulking former wrestler/Hollywood star and throw him into a classroom full of sassy school kids and what do you get? A great piece of content. Short so it ensures high engagement however the real stars are the kids. It’s that sweet innocence that gives this the major cuteness and reels viewers in. They are genuine and their reactions are real which is why this video is so much fun to watch.

3. 102.9’s Hot Tomato: Facebook – ‘Christmas Tree before Dec 1?’

Once again, striking while the iron is hot with topical Christmas content. Live content is where socials are going in 2018 and polls like this trigger great engagement across socials. You are essentially making it irresistible for users to engage with you and participate. Love it!

Christmas Tree before Dec 1? 🌲🎅

Posted by 1029 Hot Tomato on 2017年11月28日

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