Social Scorecard: Radio’s top social posts this week, plus building brand loyalty online

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Want brand loyalty with your show or network? Then stop focusing on the numbers of your followers you have across your social platforms, it’s only distracting you.

If you want your strategy to be effective, focus on your active, engaged and dedicated followers. To ensure ongoing engagement you need to build brand loyalty.

Why does matter so much?


Faithful followers are budding brand advocates. They’ll chat to their friends about your show or station without any encouragement. Nail your socials and you have the potential to turn a few fans into valuable supporters promoting your station.


You have 100,000 followers. Good for you. What’s better? Two thousand loyal followers. That dedicated bunch is more likely to engage with your posts; they’ll get the conversation going online rather than the other 98,000 folks. Engagement is far more valuable to your online presence than the number of followers you have.

So, want to increase your brand loyalty using your platforms?

1. Develop savvy social media strategy

Social marketing goes beyond doing Facebook posts and engaging with your audience; you need to also incorporate marketing, advertising and support.

Are you just posting content for the sake of it? You need to inspire your fans to be interested enough to become loyal. Research and watch what your competitors are doing; take into account what they do well and draw inspiration from it.  

2. Find your brand voice

Your listeners want to engage with real people; not chat bots or automated content. Don’t chalk up things like Visitor Posts and inboxes as something you don’t have much time to spend on.

Reaching out and responding to fans humanises your brand and often you can repost conversations or responses, reusing them as content. Such a small effort for maximum impact and it will ensure your social media following will keep coming back to your platforms.

3. Post quality content

You’ve got to share content that is of interest to your demographic.  What formats you chose to share are also very important. Visual content, such as videos and images get more attention and are shared more frequently.  Incorporate those forms of media when you are planning your social media schedule. You’ll find it will give you the most ROI – likes, comments, click-throughs and shares. Don’t forget to brand everything with your station logo.

Our picks this week come from Hit 92.9, Nova 106.9 and KIIS 106.5FM.

1.  Hit 92.9’s Heidi, Will and Woody: Facebook – ‘#ManlyMenCryToo’ (SCA)

What a brilliant campaign. By involving such high profile figures to talk on camera about their own personal experiences, exposes multiple generations of men via social media. Blokes of all ages would find this clip incredibly genuine and relatable – which results in higher engagement. Great strategy, which was executed well. I have no doubt it reached their intended audience.

2. Nova 106.9’s Ash, Kip and Luttsy: Facebook – ‘Nova Surprise Elevator’ (Nova Entertainment)

It has all the markings of a viral video; it’s interesting, engaging to the audience and shareable. The video was fun and gives people ‘dem feels’ – it makes them happy! The timing of the post was also important – it was shared just before 5pm, just as people were ready to call it a day. Radio Today, can we do this in the office sometime?

3. KIIS 106.5’s Kyle and Jackie O: Facebook – ‘Instagram vs. Reality’ (ARN)

Naturally a call to action with a following this size is going to get some love. It’s a classic way to get exposure to a secondary audience, increasing engagement and views. If the video fell flat however it could have been a disaster. Luckily it didn’t. Perfect punchy length that makes an impact in a short amount of time; it’s entertaining and has Kyle playing up for the camera. Nailed it.

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Social Scorecard is compiled exclusively for Radio Today by Jess Frangelli.

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30 Jul 2017 - 10:32 am

Well done 92.9, nailed it!

1 Aug 2017 - 11:34 pm

One of these things is not like the others! Go Perth!!


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