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Look over your socials and ask yourself: “Am I using the right strategy and investing my time efficiently?

Does your station even acknowledge social media as a way to get attention, create recall and, gain and retain listeners?

I’m talking about the on-air embodiment of your brand. Imagine that your station is a TV network – what can you learn from their tune-in via social media?

They are unique and captivating storytellers, rather than purely focusing on sales driven content. On its own, it will drive advertising without it being the primary and distinct focus.

TV shows are now creating video packages that aren’t pushing competitions, ads, show teasers, promotions – they are just purposely designed pieces of content for socials – with a very restrained message tailing it.

How does radio harness that sort of technique to boost your ratings?

Produce one-of-a-kind, captivating content and push out only the best across social platforms, not just putting it out there because you went to the trouble of creating it.

Quite simply, you need to make the extra effort and pull out all the stops because your listeners can see through any glossy fluff you are pushing as ‘content’.

Tell a story; it builds character and creates a connection with audiences.

You may think it’s easy to manipulate and tease listeners into tuning into your station, but the most useful marketing tool for your band is to post examples of the amazing content they can hope to hear. Stop pushing content into their faces and start enticing them to listen to you.

Build a little chemistry, excite them and dazzle them with your personality.

Bottom line, it’s the way you communicate and interact with your audience that translates to brand loyalty. You are just a click away, for listeners to tune in or tune out.

Our picks this week come from Kyle & Jackie O, Ben & Liam, and the Hit Network.

1. KIIS 106.5’s Kyle & Jackie O: ‘Intern Pete as Logies Man’

Views: 69,000
Reactions: 459
Shares: 16
Comments: 41

Let’s be honest; there is something unsettling about seeing a grown man in Kylie Minogue-esque gold hotpants and body paint.

But I still watched K&J’s producer, Peter Deppeler, deliver the most awkward, odd line of questioning to random Aussie identifies right through to the end – I use the term identities because I only recognised a few faces, I’d imagine listeners were in the same boat.

Maybe I don’t watch enough ‘Home and Away’! *shrugs*

2. triple j’s Ben & Liam: ‘GAME. SET. MATCH.’

It seemed innocent enough, the fellas playing a friendly game of tennis against Paralympic gold medallist Dylan Alcott. It was never a good idea – they well and truly got beaten, with tennis balls!

Views: 50,000
Reactions: 910
Shares: 14
Comments: 43

3. Hit Network’s Christian Hull: ‘Mum and Susie’

You may recognise the viral sensation from 2Day FM’s breakfast show with Em & Harley. Loved this piece – so completely relatable, and so real it’s frightening.

Perhaps all our mums get to a stage in their lives where they stop giving a shit and do their thang, and that’s what made this video marvellous.

Views: 37,000
Reactions: 649
Shares: 17
Comments: 98

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1 May 2017 - 9:31 am

Christian Hull is hilarious. He is the only thing I really laugh at on the Em show.
He could become a regular co host and do more on that show.


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