Social Scorecard: Radio’s top social posts this week feat. 2DayFM, Hit107 & Nova 96.9

Our top picks this week come from 2DayFM’s Em, grant and Ed, Hit107’s Amos, Cat and Angus and Nova 96.9’s Fitzy and Wippa.

1. 2DayFM’s Em, grant and Ed – ‘Exclusive footage from inside Camp Denyer’

Oh, my ovaries! It seems kids these days are part of a new wave of social influencers and viral stars, so it’s a very clever piece of content.

The beauty of this video is how unpredictable and innocent little humans can be. It’s awfully sweet and genuine, trigging the right kind of feels to encourage users to engage and share. A simple tactic that boosts reach and makes audiences relate more to talent.

2. Hit107’s Amos, Cat and Angus – ‘Cat cracks it at Amos and Angus’

Once again, if you evoke emotion via your videos you have the potential to spark wider interest in your content. This results in more shares and engagement from your listeners who follow you. Great length holds viewers interest and it’s a candid reaction caught in the moment.

Why does it work? They’ve gained the users trust by posting honest content. Why is this incredibly important? They now trust the show’s brand and they’ve got their audience’s attention.

3. Nova 96.9’s Fitzy and Wippa – ‘Wippa gets vodka bombed’

Why does this video work? Prank videos are a great way to spark an emotional connection with their target audience and demonstrate that talent has a human side.

As a result, the video has triggered great engagement. Users will want to share the experience with their friends, which raises awareness of the show’s brand. I like the switch between the glossy and grainy video footage too – creates visual interest.

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