Social Scorecard: Radio’s top social posts this week feat. 102.9 KOFM, Hit 92.9 and Hot 91.1.

Our top picks this week come from 102.9 KOFM, Hit 92.9 and Hot 91.1.1. 102.9 KOFM: Facebook – ‘Take a spin’ (SCA)

Flick on the TV or check out a news site online and most stories feature dash cam footage, capturing some sort of dramatic video of unexpected events. It also seems Aussies can’t get enough of footage on social media. Throw in our love for cars and racing, who wouldn’t want to feel like they are in the driver’s seat?

Repurposed but clever; this plays on people’s desire to go ‘behind the scenes’ and delivers a post that is unique, different and a perfect ‘bite-sized’ sample of content.  It also promotes the Supercars race in Newcastle without being another boring, in your face advert.

Newcastle 500 Street Circuit

TAKE A SPIN! Supercars and NISMO have released a fantastic video of the Newcastle 500 street circuit. Two days to go!

Posted by 1029 KOFM on 2017年11月21日

2. Hit 92.9: Facebook – ‘Lego subscription box’ (SCA)

101 of social media – trigger emotion. Lego most certainly prompts feelings of nostalgia. This is one of a few psychological tactics that enable brands to engage and connect via social media campaigns that allow you to bond with your followers.

It is also an extremely powerful trigger which encourages engagement, sharing and connects your audience. This post ticks all the boxes; it’s got people commenting, tagging, asking questions, great length etc. Home run engagement wise!

Lego Subscription Box

Tag a AFOL (Adult Fan Of Lego)

Posted by Hit92.9 on 2017年11月23日

3. Hot 91.1: Facebook – ‘Festive season mocktails’

To be totally honest, I can’t hear anything anyone is saying in this video, nor does it have any captions. I know they are making some sort of beverages and who doesn’t love drinks! Two issues that impact the video, however, I’m all for commending folks when they give things a go and have the right idea.

  1. Use of video: helps stations showcase the human side of brand. Your listeners like you’re your announcers are real people ‘talking’ to them. By utilising videos on social media it enables you to connect with listeners on a personal level, leaving a stronger impression.
  2. Content that teaches tips and tricks are a great way to provide educational content to your listeners via your social media. It builds trust and it’s a burst of videos that’s easy to digest and share with friends, boosting your engagement and reach.

Right idea but there’s room for improvement. Well done!

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