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Pull up a chair my friend. This week we’re talkin’ shop about SnapChat; immediately my first thought is a bunch of kids using a ridiculous dog filter with a Justin Bieber poster on the wall behind them.

Oh, but it’s so much more, let me tell you why.

*Quick costume change*

Step right up, step right up. Want to boost your brand exposure, increase your engagement AND followers? Well then, here are my top four ways to achieve a mic-drop-worthy SnapChat account.

#1: Give your followers an exclusive preview

Get your audience excited again about your station or show. Offer your first 50 new followers an exclusive video, new song or piece of content. Give them a reason to want to engage and check out what you are getting upto!

#2 Show them what’s going on behind the scenes

We had a heart-to-heart about this last week. Your audience loves checking out what goes on behind the scenes of shows and stations they are interested in. SnapChat can be a great place to tease your followers with a glimpse into the lifestyle of your talent – and often can be stronger than Instagram or Twitter.

Show your audience how much fun work can be at the station. They want to see things they will probably never experience – yes, make them green with envy via SnapChat, you read correctly!

#3: Organise an account takeover

Got a notable celeb dropping by on your flagship show? Or a popular station personality with a big social following? Give them your logins and let them run wild for the day. With a little promotion in the lead up to the take-over, you’ll discover your followers will increase, and engagement will go through the roof. You’re welcome!

#4. Run a competition on SnapChat

This is a great technique to get followers engaging with your station or show. Challenge your users to take specific photos that tie into on-air promotions or encourage them to create doodles and reward them accordingly with prizes, discounts or even save them and create a gallery on Facebook, to generate further engagement.

Our picks for radio’s top social posts this week come from Hamish & Andy, Fitzy & Wippa and Collective Noun:

1. The Hit Network’s Hamish & Andy: Facebook – ‘Eat The Board’

The boys are back – personally devo that this is their last year in radio. Apparently, if you are striving to greatness with Hamish and Andy, you will gorge on at least 20,000 calories.

There’s something weirdly entertaining seeing two guys trying not vomit up the Maccas menu. Simple yet brilliant with hints of a schoolboy prank gone wrong. Kudos to the poor kid who had to clean up those Maccas bathrooms afterw that day!

Views: 310,000
Reactions: 6,300
Shares: 223
Comments: 2,400

2. Nova 96.9’s Fitzy & Wippa: Facebook – ‘April Fools’

#sorrynotsorry Matt de Groot, but I do like laughing at you when the boys give you shit. And Fitzy & Wippa got their breaky newsreader good last weekend.

The poor guy hosted what was supposed to be half-time entertainment at the Sydney FC footy match – turns out HE was the entertainment, and he literately had no idea. It was awkward – especially when the crowd started losing it. A cracker of a stitch up, I was feeling so uneasy watching it, and I loved it. Two thumbs up!

Views: 61,000
Reactions: 410
Shares: 39
Comments: 110

3. The Hit Network’s Collective Noun: Facebook – ‘Things Never Said In An Office’

The boys are my special mention this week – the new kids on the block that got bumped to national late-nights on SCA’s Hit Network.

Their videos are fresh and go viral for a reason, so sit up and take note! They are producing hilarious sketch videos posted on Facebook, turning common, everyday topics onto their head.

Don’t take my word for it. Get familiar, check out their videos and laugh at their content out loud in an open office like I did. Yup, I was that person today.

Views: 3, 353, 537
Reactions: 18,000
Shares: 13, 473
Comments: 16,000

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