Social Media Chart Wrap

Justin Beiber remains at #1 for another week since reclaiming the spot from David Guetta last week.

At #2 we see the first bit of movement with Rihanna moving up one spot from #3. Similarly, Selena Gomez hits #4 up from #5 as both artists see healthy levels of engagement following the success of their recent singles.

For some time now #9 and #10 has been occupied by Chris Brown and Wiz Khalifa, respectively. The two urban artists have been unable to progress any higher though it’s always a battle to maintain their positions between them.

At first glance Khalifa should be seeing a lot more success than he is, with a higher engagement average at 15.95% across all channels, compared to Brown’s 10.25%. As always with the Social Media 50, the minor details count.

On Twitter Chris Brown has a larger engagement rate at 6.35% compared to Wiz Khalifa’s 4.17% though the sheer volume of Khalifa’s Twitter following of 24.4 million keeps him ranking higher over Chris Brown.

Facebook is a different story however with Chris Brown leading the charge. With a following of over 41 million, even his 2.27% engagement rate can equate to quite a lot of people. Brown also dominates instagram with a following 151.27% larger than Wiz Khalifa’s 9.8m followers, combined with the fact that Brown uploads much more engaging content.

Calvin Harris shakes things up a little in the Top 20 this week slowly making his way up at #18 from #20. This is thanks to his massive 53.84% engagement average over the past week which mainly comes from his Twitter account. His most engaging tweets include the announcement of his set atwireless festival in London as well as a sneak peak at him returning to the studio with Dizzee Rascal.

Major Lazer jumps a huge ten spots to #25 from #35 thanks to the huge amounts of engagement and press their socials are receiving following their performance in Cuba over the week.

BrandData charts are based on 41 weighted engagement events across 5 channels – website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube – any social media that accounts for more than 2.5% of the world’s traffic. For further details and charts on radio and streaming, visit

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