“It’s a sensational result for Hit Brissy,” says Gemma Fordham

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Hit network boss Gemma Fordham thinks the turbulence in Brisbane has ensued a “sensational result” for Hit105, and that’s manifestly evident in the year’s second survey results released on Thursday.

Stav, Abby & Matt with Osher lost the first place position gained in survey #1, dropping to #3. But overall the station is winning over new fans as listeners twiddle the dial in search of something different.

“There has been a lot of change in Brisbane this year, and the audience has found new shows that they previously may not have sampled,” Fordham told Radio Today when asked about the imploding rebirth of radio that’s taking place in Brisvegas.

And it’s all in the wake of Robin Bailey‘s swift move from ARN’s 97.3FM to SCA’s Triple M.

“It’s a sensational result for Hit Brissy because we did well last book, and of course you worry about whether it was an unusual book with the changes,” she says. “But to see us hold it – and in fact go up again – is a telling sign that we’ve got a whole heap of new listeners who now call Hit105 their favourite station.”

In Sydney, Fordham eloquently describedEm Rusciano & Harley Breen as “funny and loose and completely unique”. She may be right about that. But the early signs of growth, albeit small, are promising.

Following the re-accommodating of Rove & Sam – who are now sandwiched between Hamish & Andy and Ash London LIVE – the new 2Day FM breakfast offering has made some gains in survey #1 and again in survey #2, with a total market share of 4.1%.

However, “people who do find the show stay”, according to Fordham. Who also pointed out the “insane amount of positive feedback” she has received and told Radio Today that research suggested Rusciano and Breen are earning a loyal Sydney audience.

So now, of course,  it’s time for SCA to rent some billboards and spread the word. “The focus for us for the coming six months will be awareness – the majority of Sydney don’t live, and breath media and they don’t even know who is on 2Day FM breakfast.”

Fordham confirmed that an extensive marketing campaign for Sydney’s newest breaky show is indeed on the cards and also hinted at “some other content plans”.

She also praised the network’s national afternoon show announced back in January. “Carrie and Tommy have seen some really good numbers, which is our 3-4pm show. I’m really pleased with their results.”

In Perth, post survey #1 results in March, Fordham was vocal about the “undercooked” Hit929 numbers. But the station – and its breakfast show – have bounced back in this week’s results, up 1.4 and 1.7, respectively.

Heidi, Will and Woody are hilarious, and the show is on fire,” she says. “To see it back up where it belongs with substantial gains, it’s extremely pleasing!”

As for the areas that need her immediate attention, Fordham acknowledged the audience decline suffered in Melbourne breakfast, misplacing 1.2 points in survey #2, which she admitted “hurts”, but remains ready for the challenge ahead.

“…We now have to look at it and make necessary tweaks to make sure we get the show back up where it belongs.”

And it’s a similar story in the city of churches where the once double-digit and dominant Hit107 Adelaide dropped 0.8 to 8% in the latest book.

Almost all its key shifts, including breakfast (-0.6) and drive (-1.2) experienced some flattening. “We know we have some work to do around the content, and we have started on that.”

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Brian Richards
28 Apr 2017 - 2:04 pm

When was the last time a survey was conducted to attain what age groups are still tuned into listening to broadcast radio shows?

Erica McGee
3 May 2017 - 4:08 pm

Every single GFK survey Brian. We get demographic breakdowns across all day parts.


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