Seize the moment

The good product teams in a radio station have a capacity to identify a highly topical issue that is relevant to their target audience. The great product teams look for ways to reflect this on the air in ways that go beyond the obvious first option.



Most of your listeners will have seen, or heard about, the Kevin Rudd youtube video. It is likely (we hope!) that your Breakfast show discussed it on the air this morning, and they may have replayed some of the audio. So far so good.

What else? What has your station put in place today to reflect this major talking point from the weekend with your listeners? Are the announcers incorporating it into their show? Do you have a sweeper on the air reflecting the audio in an appropriate way?

These comments are less about the specifics of the Kevin Rudd video and it’s relevance to your audience. Rather, they refer to the broader principle of ‘seizing the moment’ and ensuring that you reflect, in whatever manner is suitable for your audience, topical content that is relevant to them.

If your station is not looking for seize the moment opportunities, then you are missing the moment.

Dan Bradley is Executive Director of Kaizen Media; an international media, management and marketing company.

You can contact Dan here.


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