Rudd & Abbott agree on one thing

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Both Kevin Rudd and Tony Abbott were surprised this morning when they appeared together on the Kyle & Jackie O show. But it did lead them to agree on one thing …..

Rudd: This is the smartest on-air ambush, for both of us, during this campaign. I presume you weren’t aware of it either Tony.

Abbott: You’ve got to be ready for anything when you’re talking to Kyle and Jackie.

Rudd: That’s true actually, we can agree on that.

While chatting, the two potential leaders entered into an entertaining back and forth.

Rudd: The thing I’d like to ask Tony is what happened with this crazy internet filter policy of yours that came out overnight, where did that come from Tony?

Abbott: Kevin you were the one that wanted to have an internet filter…

Rudd: We junked it three years ago, you brought it in one day before an election, what’s that all about..

Abbott: It was a policy that was badly worded, it’s all been cleared up, please Kevin, don’t try to run a distraction with 24 hours to go.

Rudd: You put the policy out, last night, you had people back it in…

Abbott: Kevin you’re being negative again.

In a game of Yes No it continued ….

Jackie O: Are you fitter than your opponent?

Rudd: Tony is the athlete here, I’m not, I'm the nerdy kid in the library, everyone’s agreed on that.

Abbott: Stop going for the sympathy vote Kevin.

Rudd: Hey I’m pitching for the nerd vote Tony!

Hear the full chat that we're sure will be used across lots of mainstream news sites today :-

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