Rob McCasker returns to radio

Rob McCasker is an ex-Austereo programmer and most recently spent 5 years as PD and breakfast co-host at Hot Tomato on the Gold Coast.

Rob is now making a return to radio at Power FM and 3BA in Ballarat.

Radio Today's Daryl Missen finds out what he's been up to …..

Rob: Up to my neck raising 3 kids; from lunchboxes to school plays, running a school council, driving up and down the Great Ocean Road for footy and netball and being on hand for the important questions like ‘Dad do pigs have eyebrows?’

Daryl: Away from sourcing costumes for Peter Pan and cutting sandwiches have you been working?

Rob: Yes in many and varied things like writing and voice overs. I’ve recently done a corporate campaign for grain storage; I can get you a copy if you’re interested?

Daryl: I’ll get back to you on that. So you were back on air recently?

Rob: Yes in Ballarat for a couple of weeks which was great fun and my first gig for a number of years.  The team, led by PD Garrath Cockerell, was really encouraging as was Group PD David Rogerson. So when the gig came up I was grateful to be given the opportunity.  I’ll be working in creative writing for both Power FM and 3BA and filling in when the regular line up is on holidays. I start September 9 and can’t wait; I hear the weather’s good up that way.

Daryl: What’s changed after a few years away from radio do you think?

Rob: Stations are leaner for sure with 2 or 3 roles not uncommon and people are working harder no question. Grant Broadcasting though is well set up with roles defined and training provided so while the hours are longer the skill-sets are really impressive. We have in this country keen radio people who can perform a number of roles effectively and efficiently. What industry doesn’t want that? The future is bright.

Daryl: There’s a giant elephant in the room which I’d like to address. Your last gig didn’t end well?

Rob: An astute observation there Daz; I guess for anyone who has been through a sudden departure you accept the part you played, get some truth on the table, work hard on what needs to change then plan for how things will be different next time. It’s also good get your head out of it for a while and develop new skills. And never ever lose your sense of humour. I still dance, laugh and sing with my kids most days which, although not pretty, is the best therapy of all.

Here's a reminder of Rob's work :-
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