“I want to be the most trusted authority in Australian music”: Ash London on Rising Stars

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Ash London is the first to feature on a special Rising Stars season of Game Changers: Radio, ahead of a new episode premiering each day this week exclusively on Radio Today.

The Hit Network personality spoke with host Craig Bruce about a longstanding love affair with music, coupled with her progression into radio, and the advancements of women in the industry.

“I had a dream, and the dream was to be a music TV presenter,” London said of her career plans while recounting what she called a “weird” upbringing. “Radio was never the plan – I’m not going to lie.”

Over a decade later, London is now one of Australia’s benchmark radio names, upholding the integrity of the Ash London LIVE show despite being tempted to bump up ratings by adding more Kim Kardashian content.

“I made a rule for the show,” she explained. “If I don’t have something to say that’s going to inform, educate or help my audience become more passionate or invested in a piece of music, then I’ll play a song instead of talking. People aren’t tuning in to hear me talk about my life, they’re tuning in to hear good music and to learn more about it.”

London also delved into the issue of gender parity and how the idea of a female announcer being nothing more than a “laugh track” has shifted for the better.

“It’s exciting for me now to turn on our network across the day and see so many women are doing their thing – not in token role or a supporting role – but very much setting the tone on how they want their content to look and sound.”

Every day this week, Radio Today will exclusively premiere the Rising Stears series of Game Changers: Radio, featuring interviews with Ash London, Ryan Jon, Zoe Marshall, Ben & Liam and Dave Matthews.

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Luke James
8 May 2017 - 4:02 pm

Great podcast from amazing operator in Ash London. Keep on killing it !


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