Recap: Stav, Abby & Matt’s 27 hours in The Bunker (without Osher)

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Hit 105’s brekkie squad ended their mammoth 27-hour broadcast at 9am this morning.

Stav, Abby and Matt were inspired to carry out the stunt after last week’s End of the World blunder and wanted to know if they could survive together if the world was actually falling apart around them.

The rules: No phone chargers, No sleeping, and definitely no leaving the studio (unless you need to use the toilet).

At some point during the broadcast (presumably in the wee hours of the morning), things started getting real silly in The Bunker. Stav was uncontrollably giggling at Matt as he slurped whipped cream out of a can.

For some reason, the boys decided on a costume change during the night. By the end of the broadcast, Abby’s voice had deteriorated to a husky gasp while Matt’s voice remained as perky as ever. Stav, well, Stav was just being Stav.


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