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I noticed an advertiser using the tagline “Life’s much more interesting when you’re direct”.

I suspect the advertiser wasn’t really referring to anything fundamentally focused on how we communicate, but was trying to get the message out about their new interest rate – the advertiser was a bank. Nonetheless the tag line stuck with me.

Life’s much more interesting when you’re direct.

Imagine if we did speak directly about what it is that’s floating around in our heads, about what it is we are thinking and feeling?

Would our lives be much simpler? Or become more complicated?

Would things be much more successful in our private, public and business lives?

Being direct when we speak (hopefully) is about speaking the truth for us at that very moment. Are you direct and truthful, do you endeavour to be?

I believe most of us would prefer to be direct but that takes mountains of courage doesn’t it? If you want to be more direct (truthful), as opposed to manipulating circumstances or skirting around the real issues to get a sale or to get your point across, then you’ll require some action.

Being direct in your relationships and in selling will open a whole new world and level of inner satisfaction and success for you.

If you want to change the way you communicate you’ll need to begin by being honest with yourself.

Often we have simply developed a habit of saying what is easier, softer, more comfortable, or often what we believe will please others. We tell people what it is we think they want to hear – our superiors, our sales managers, our prospects and clients and even our loved ones. In doing this we’re actually conditioning ourselves to hide from the truth, even from ourselves. If we’re doing this we’re certainly headed for a life of resentment and mediocrity.

The truth pushes over all that stands before it.

Being truthful in all areas of our lives is about maintaining integrity and character regardless of the outcome. Bear in mind that I’m not saying to put your needs first over those of other people, rather I’m saying determine to be direct in most areas of your life.

Telling the truth isn’t easy but we all know what is and what isn’t.

Ultimately not telling the truth only affects us and not the other party.

Remember eighty percent of all communication is non-verbal, which means when you are in front of a client or prospect; they are sensing and feeling more than your words. They can sense your honesty (even if they don’t understand what it is they are feeling), they can sense your spirit, and they’re even subconsciously watching your body language.

If when selling and inside you, you are feeling desperation, hunger, indifference, arrogance, a lack of confidence in your radio station, or the advertising schedule you have on offer, perhaps even fear, a prospect will say “No” to your offer because of what it is they are drawing (feeling) from you. Most people will say “No” to you and not even really understand why.

Don’t misunderstand what I’m saying, we are not all body language experts but it is our God given intuition that surfaces in order to help us make the right decisions. And the same is happening for your clients.

Do you exaggerate your station’s position in the market? Do you exaggerate the results an advertiser can expect from engaging in an advertising plan with you? Do you even steer away from the truth when there is no need to?

As the Man once said, “The truth will set you free!”

The next time you are in a face-to-face presentation, endeavour not to exaggerate or manipulate in order to get the sale. And instead of dancing with objections, yours and your client’s fears at the end of the presentation, why don’t you simply ask…

“Would you like to buy this advertising campaign today?”

“Yes or No?”

Sell without regret.

Michael Tate

Sales Director | NRS Media

[email protected]

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