#NABSHOW2016 – Day 2

The massive National Association of Broadcasters convention is underway in Las Vegas.  The NAB calls it: The world’s largest annual conference and expo for professionals who create, manage, and distribute entertainment across all platforms.” 

EON Broadcasters Dale Sharp is our man on the Strip, who is going to bring us a  wrap of the companies “showing off their new wares to eager TV, Radio and Online Geeks.”

Aussie radio peeps attending NAB this year include John Sandles from Grant Broadcasters, Brendan Taylor from Nova Entertainment, SCA’s Guy Dobson, Triple M’s Mike Fitzpatrick, RCS’s Keith Williams, Capital Radio Networks Kevin Blyton and John Pearce from Nova Entertainment.

Here is Day 2 from Dale Sharp:

Today was the best day I’ve had in a long time..apart from winning an Optimod from Orban, I was lucky enough to be shouted to a helicopter ride over Las vegas by the Agile Broadcast (Thanks Ian and Adrian). If you do come to NAB show do yourself a favor and do the chopper flight over Vegas. Absolutely amazing!

As the show continues the techical offerings do as well!


After visiting the Shure booth 1 thing stood out to me, Their MicroFlex Advance System which is designed for Video Conferencing, however after hearing it in action it could be used as a Guest Microphone replacement.

The system is a ceiling tile replacement which has a networked array of microphones built into a standard ceiling tile

I know what your saying, there is no way this would be usable in a radio studio.. I thought that initially too but when you hear what it can do you might change your mind.

Even in a Noisey Environment such as NAB the system produced audio which would be good enough to put to air!

The Steerable array processed by DSP’s (Digital Signal processors) allows precise coverage and automatic mixing, echo reduction and equalization.

The advantages I see is that this system would be less obtrusive for non experienced radio guests, Lets be Honest having a big microphone infront of you as a Joe blow off the street can daughting.

The system comes with IP AES67 as standard.

The guys at Shure tell me the system is due for release later this year.

This Technology could be one to watch.


As a broadcast engineer you may know these guys. If I said the name “statmon” you would definatly know who they were.

For the non technical person this is a remote control and telemetry system which allows control and monitoring of radio facilities.
They have had a rethink of how to bring this to radio stations and there new model due out in December is a Cloud based system with an opex based pricing model rather then a large capex based pricing model.

All you need is some Network enabled I/O.

The certainly has some advantages, Especially with your GM’s budget!

This is one to watch if your thinking of upgrading your telemetry and control systems.


This is one that just makes sense, RadioDNS is a system that brings together Internet Radio, Digital Radio and FM with the use of your standard DNS (Domain name server)

This allows you to advertise where internet enabled radios can find your streams on multiple plaforms! (AM,FM,DAB+,online)

No more do you have to email streaming directories when you move providers, the radio knows where you are based on DNS.

One of the early adoptors of this is Tune-in Radio.

RadioDNS is a non for profit organisation, open source and you dont have to be a member however a small fee helps to develop strategy of true ”hybrid” radio.

Keep an eye on this one.. this is something radio needs!

Well as my Phone tells me I have walked 24.6k in the last 2 days that brings to a close Day 2 of NABSHOW2016


Dale Sharp is a 2015 Acra Winner for Engineering Excellenace and the Chief Engineer at EON Broadcasters 92.7 MIX and 91.9 SEA FM on the Sunshine Coast.

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