Meet Chris Rieger – Grant Broadcasting Geelong.

Australia has an abundance of very talented radio professionals. None of us doubt that.

The skill diversity and experience of radio people is none more prevalent than in many of the regional towns and hubs across Australia.

Today we highlight Chris Rieger, senior creative writer at Grant Broadcasting in Geelong. Chris’s career and experience is wide and deep and in this short interview we the chance to learn more about Chris and hear some great wisdom from one very experienced writer and voice artist.

Let’s get started with the Chris Rieger ‘story’. How did you first get into radio?

Daryl: What do you love about voice acting? What is the role you love doing the most as a voice actor?

Daryl: Give us the most important thing a young voice over should be thinking about?

Daryl: So Chris … What would be some career highlights for you thus far?

Daryl: What tips can you give radio creative writers from your perspective on ‘the other side of the glass’?

Chris has mastered the ‘disclaimer fast sell read’ with diction and accuracy. Chris is currently the imaging MVO of various radio stations and as a creative writer has the innate ability to interpret and understand a script. With over 22 years voice over experience, Chris is available right now for your radio, television, corporate video, digital or on hold recording.

Chris is new to the line-up.

You can book him here

Many thanks to Chris for taking the time out of his crazy busy schedule.

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