Lighten up: Why you need to use humour in your social media content

Entertaining content is one of the top reasons why users follow brands.

It’s memorable content that triggers an emotional response with audiences, therefore translates into great engagement. So why exactly does making your listeners laugh help your brand?

It triggers an emotional response

Making people laugh generates chemical and physiological responses that create positive feelings. If you use the right kind of humour on socials, your audience subconsciously gets a great feeling looking at your content and associates it with your brand.

It grabs and holds our attention

On platforms such as Facebook, you are now battling against algorithm changes that prioritise everything but pages and brand posts. You need to stick out and make your mark fairly quickly so that your content doesn’t get lost in people’s feeds.

It also makes your show or network memorable. People will always associate their positive experience with your brand content later down the track.

It humanises your brand

If listeners find your content funny, they no longer see you are just a corporation. You become relatable and human to your target demographic. It makes you stand out from your competition and creates a personality behind your station or network. Your listeners feel like they have a connection with your brand on a personal level, ensuring brand loyalty and trust.

Gives you insights into your audience

Working out your audience’s triggers will tell you a lot about them. It’s about testing what style works best and then using that information to formulate a strategy. It’s your job as a social media manager to know your audience inside out. Study your analytics, test different types of humour and monitor the engagement they attract. It’s all about posting content that your audience can relate to.

Using humour helps build a strong bond between your listeners and your brand, and helps you build your own little community online. Ensure humour aligns with your show or network and test what works until you find the right tone for your target demographic.

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