Is Podcasting The Way of the Future?


Self distribution is a way to get your work heard!

And one of the best platforms for self distribution is Podcasting.

Podcasting is bigger than you think and it’s only going to get bigger.

Although listening to podcasts only amounts to a couple of % of all listening, those who do listen to podcasts are ‘super listeners‘. According to recent Edison Research * podcasting reaches 5% of listeners in the US and those consumers who do listen are voracious listeners.

Listeners to podcasts spend nearly as much time listening to podcasts (25.9%) as they do to AM/FM radio (27.5%) *

The Edison Research found that podcast lovers are “super listeners” who soak in more audio during the day than average — nearly two hours more than average.

Clearly, podcasting is a rapidly growing medium. However despite its growth it is a medium which remains fundamentally about human interaction and connection.

The NY Times reports that “Today, there are too many great podcasts to keep up with. We’re in a golden age of podcasting. Now that audio has moved to on-demand people are really jumping in“.

If you’re in radio you should be doing podcasts. If your station or network aren’t organizing them for you and distributing them, then you should be doing it yourself.

And if you’re not in radio, podcasts are the ideal way to learn the craft of being on air, working on chemistry and delivery and a great way of getting exposure all without the aid of a Producer or Program Director.

They are a good way to market yourself to not only the public (and your friends) but also a good way to showcase  your work to radio network Programmers.

Podcasts are a great example of self distribution and they are on the forefront of on demand audio.

Producing podcasts costs far less than producing a radio show. The advertising rates on a successful podcast are big enough to pay for the costs many times over. Podcasts can charge higher ad rates because of the personal nature of the medium.

Many big names are starting to monetise podcasting and creating a business around their podcasts.

Mark Ramsay says “The audience sizes of leading podcasts are approaching and surpassing what advertisers are accustomed to on TV, momentum is beginning to build for podcasts among advertisers“

You’ll find big names like Ricky Gervais, Wil Anderson, Hamish & Andy, Mia Freedman’s Mama Mia, Kate Tim & Marty, Marc Maron, Kyle & Jackie, John Stewart, Meshel & Tommy, Fitzy & Wippa, Andrew Denton, Matt & Alex, Graham Norton, FiFi & Dave, Alan Jones, Dan Savage, Richard Fidler and Eddie McGuire, alongside new talent like:

In the iTunes Top 40 podcasts, this week 15 of them are from Australian talent.

When Apple includes a build in podcast app on their new operating system with iphone 6, you know podcasts are becoming a big deal.

With the growth of the connected car in the future, it provides an even greater opportunity for the streaming audio industry, and is especially exciting for podcast makers.

Podcasting can be powerful. They are a great vehicle for marketing & promotion, not only for superstars but also for emerging new talent and talent development.

At its digital heart, podcasting is about human connections. Listeners have a special connection with podcasts. They can be intensely personal. They allow freedom of expression and whilst still comparatively niche they have an increasing place in the ever expanding digital media landscape.

Brad March is a Director of Radio Today, is a former CEO of Austereo and has been named Media Executive of the Year. He’s Director of Marchmedia and Pacific Retail Management.

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