Irish production guru shares his work

Brendan O’Driscoll is the production head at Corks 96 in Ireland.

I asked Brendan some questions about how he goes about recording and constructing the song intro's for his station. Have a listen :-
or hear it here

Daryl: Do you sing on any of the intros?

Brendan: No… even auto-tune has its limits!

Daryl: Do you source the vocal talent within the station? Or is there a vocal budget for you to build each song intro?

Brendan: I work with a few singers locally including Jennifer who is a member of the 96FM team. I also have a couple of “go to” overseas talents that I will grab on ISDN to do some sings. It's really down to who’s best suited to the songs we’re working on.

I really like working acapellas from the stations jingle pack into our intros too!

Daryl: Do you spend time thinking about how you will construct each one prior to beginning, or does the ‘magic’ happen in studio with the singers?

Brendan: I’ll always give a new song a few listens thru to start with, then identify the parts I want to use or re-sing. I try to have a good idea of how the end product will sound before we put any vocals down. It tends to speed up the process a bit, which is good!

Daryl: You do a fantastic job with these, you clearly have a stack of fun!  How many a week are you expected to build?

Brendan: They are good fun to produce for sure. Pretty much every current track we add to the playlist gets an intro of some kind. It probably averages out at 2 or 3 intro's a week.

Many Thanks to Brendan for sharing his audio and his wisdom.

If you're in production go off and make some of your own song intro's and impress your PD/Content guy! (Oh, and be sure to send them to me here)

Have a listen to some of Brendan’s previous song intro mixes :-
or hear it here
or hear it here
or hear it here

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