If you are going to get better, you have to push yourself. If you push yourself, you are going to fall.

If you are not falling, you’re not pushing. Falling is part of getting better.

Over the past Summer I learnt to wakeboard.  Getting up behind a ski boat on one ski, looked easy. Until you try it for the first time.

It took many spectacular stacks into the water before I got up. Many more equally spectacular crashes before I could stay up for any length of time.


No one likes to fail. The older we get the less we want to fall on our tush in front of others.

Now more than ever the creative headlights are on our Radio industry.

But don’t let that be the reason you don’t push yourself or try new things. Most of all, don’t let it worry you when you get knocked over … it’s okay, it’ll hurt a bit, it might even be a tad embarrassing … just try and reduce the time you stay there. Then, get back up and try again!


Failing is part of the learning process. The more mistakes and moments of struggle, strife, and failure … the more we grow and learn.

“We all get knocked down.

How quickly we get up is what separates us.”

Whether you are in Sales pounding and cold calling on clients, or on-air adlibbing and entertaining … whether you are in an Integration brainstorm suggesting a new idea, or in production trying a new voice effect for your promo … don’t let the fear of failure stop you.

Push through. Give it a go.

If it doesn’t work, if they don’t like your idea, if the client won’t return your call, if you fall on your tush … be sure to know that we all do at times. It’s part of the game. Just never stop trying.

Radio needs you to push … to stand out … to challenge and try your best.

Martin Luther King Jnr, says it best;

“The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge”.


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