Great Direction Matters Even More in 2014


Earlier this week I talked about Great Talent (see here).

Having the talent is only the start of getting a great gig. It’s also important to have the drive to succeed, a will to win, a desire to improve, the ability to be resilient and resourceful …

“Desire is almost probably more important than talent.

I’ve seen it, where people have this real need to do something … they have this real need.

And they get it done”

– Al Pacino

… and most importantly you need to find someone who can give you effective coaching, direction and career management. You won’t be successful without effective direction, coaching and the right management. New lineups this year at 2DAY, 2UE, FOX, TRIPLE M, NOVA for instance will succeed or fail largely dependent on the quality of the coaching and direction they receive from their CD, EP or Consultant.

“Radio is a collaborative process, shared with you and your on-air team and producers, Program Directors, and the like.” (more in The Brutal Truth)

– Mick Molloy

Great talent, no matter how good they are, will work best with great direction and good coaching.
The world’s biggest movie stars have naturally always worked with a director. Television personalities are used to working with a director. Athletes and sports stars work with coaches and specialist coaches. And behind the most successful stars in each of these fields, there’s usually a whole team of people – directors, managers, agents, publicists, and other specialists.

Here are some tips from Director Steven Spielberg that apply equally to direction for talent and radio shows.

"The right kind of collaboration is key"

"More isn’t always better"

"The stress and madness is worth it"

And some tips from Martin Scorcese….

"Never stop looking for inspiration because you will need it"

"Your personal story matters"

"Treat everyone on set (station) equally"

"Never be aftraid of doing your own hands on research"

And from the Coen Brothers….

"Don’t be afraid to Offend"

"Take care of your filmmaking (station) family"

"Hold editing in high regard"

Tennis superstar Roger Federer worked with specialist coach, six time grand slam winner Stefen Edberg, to tap into his deep well of experience for this years Australian Open.

''I've tried many things with my coach Severin Luthi, but it’s a combination of many things now against the good players at the top.

''I thought Edberg would be something fresh, new, inspiring. Him being the legend he is and someone I look up to so much, anything he will say will mean very much to me and my team."

You need to find someone at your station or network that can give you direction and coaching. And if you can’t find them inside your company, then source one from outside.

Your relationship with the Content Director and/or Executive Producer is a critical one. And finding the right consultant or coach could be the turning point of your career and help you to get where you want to be and fulfill your career goals. Without the right direction and coaching, great talent can never be expected to fulfill their potential.

If you want to chat more about your media career, you can email me at [email protected] or Scott Muller at [email protected]


Brad March is a former CEO of the Austereo Network and is Managing Director of Marchmedia.


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