Five ways to maintain brand identity across social media

Who are you? Your audience doesn’t just rely on your on-air persona or station promos anymore to establish your brand identity.

Social media is now the most effective, multi-dimensional way to get your message across. So it’s important to give online content the time, creativity and respect it deserves.

Your brand identity is what gives listeners a sense of who you are and what you can offer them. If you reinforce your brand identity online, it helps form your presence and separates you from your competitors.

Each of your social media channels should adopt different approaches. The only thing that should continue to be consistent across these platforms is your brand identity.

Pick a brand voice

I once did a stint for a well-known Breakfast show as a Digital Content Producer. I pretty much asked myself two questions – how would the team respond to comments or what type of content would they post? I’d ensure that I’d use the same slang they peppered conversations with when responding to comments, and continually used their style of humour across their socials. Even the smallest details, down to the use of ‘we’ or ‘I’ is important.

Social media is there to showcase your brand, so embrace it in your brand voice. Getting a grasp of your audience also makes it easier to adopt what type of voice your brand should have.

Know your audience

Have you studied your social media analytics? Get cracking and get to know your target demographic online – it may differ from your listeners. Getting familiar with your audience enables you to publish content that is targeted and relevant to your followers.

It’s important to also recognise their behaviours and interests when you are trying to trigger interaction with your brand. It will help with call-to-actions that generate engagement and reinforces your audience’s brand loyalty.

Be consistent

Content curation is important as it ensures you post constant, effective and relevant content to draw an audience. Creating some solid strategy or a set of guidelines helps you generate a stream of posts that aren’t just promotional, but helps you produce high-quality content that is relevant to your brand.

Remember, if you can create interesting and informative content users will consider your brand as a reliable information resource.

Get real and humanise your brand

Let’s pretend your brand is a person. Get rid of the uptight, corporate lingo and engage with followers like a human being would. There’s nothing wrong with throwing in some slang or addressing users by their first name. It creates a persona which makes you more relatable, so people are more likely to engage.

Be unique

Brands that stand out the most are original. They set the bar and kick off trends. Give your followers original content and they will respond positively to your originality.

Developing a strong online brand can help establish the value of the content you are delivering in addition to expressing your brand personality. Your brand is what drives your content and message.

Be convincing and consistent with your brand personality – it will distinguish you apart from the rest and make you memorable.

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