Five tips for effective social media strategy in 2018

Welcome to a new year – I missed you all!

Hopefully you are energised and hungry to take on 2018 like a boss. It’s time to start thinking about setting some new goals and brainstorming ideas for fresh social media content. Question is, where on earth do you begin when it comes to planning your content calendar for the year?

Spreadsheet time!
Make Excel your bestie and start off by building an easy to follow spreadsheet that allows anyone with access to it to see what’s coming up. It’s time to get organised and be completely transparent. Don’t forget to populate it with all the major holidays and events that are relevant to your brand or the radio industry.

Run a social media audit and set some goals for 2018

You need to optimise your social media presence. In order to do that, you need to find out what works and what areas need more work. It will show you any gaps you haven’t covered and you’ll get great insights into your content, so that you can make changes accordingly to get the conversions and engagement you want.

Create new content pillars
In the game we call them ‘content pillars’, but it’s just a fancy term for categories. Ideally come up with about 5-10 content pillars that are relevant to your brand or show. I’ve come up with a few basic examples to get your started.

  • Show promo
  • Talent
  • Local content (City/town news, ‘What’s on’ etc.)
  • News
  • Viral content
  • Music/artist content
  • Special events (holidays, concert tours, major sporting events)

Remember the basic fundamentals of social media. What are you aiming for, other than of course the usual stuff, such as higher engagement and brand promo?

Ask yourself how are you going to entertain or educate your audience with your social media content? Once you’ve created your own list of content pillars, focus on two per day.

Using high value keywords

Yes, you really need to think outside the box this year ok? Try creating content using relevant high ranking keywords, on topics that resonate with your target audience online and listeners.

Stay across what’s trending

Utilise the tools that you already have at your fingertips. Check out what’s trending on Twitter and Facebook in order to come up with content that triggers conversation and engagement. Don’t just limit your content to resharing viral videos and memes – Create your own branded take on things.

So kids, get inspired and knock out a content plan for 2018 – Get organised!

Ensure your content calendar is always at least 2-3 weeks ahead and you’ll be able to focus on getting out engaging, worthwhile posts that deliver the goods.

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