Five social media strategies that will rule in 2018

As we bow out of 2017, it’s time to reflect on what worked, any risks you took that paid off and what new challenges and goals you can set to achieve in 2018.

There have been a huge array of amazing content the radio industry has pushed out – some innovative and creative stuff that has not only nailed engagement, but some of your posts went viral.

So bearing in mind we are on a cusp of a new year, here is where socials are heading for 2018.

1. Video content will be bigger than ever

It’s the most popular media type and made up of about 90% of all content shared across social media this year.  Video is here to stay and it’s all about personalisation. You’re going to want to invest in generating more authentic, relaxed video content as opposed to sterile, flashy and over produced clips.

Remember, you have the first three seconds to grab users attention – you may as well ‘tap out’ afterwards if you haven’t. Ensure you illustrate some sort of story that can be told with or without sound and make sure it’s no longer than two minutes.

2. Humanising your brand

Of course you’ll get a few likes from some Photoshopped masterpiece, but in 2018 users will be on the lookout for more authentic content to engage with. The success of Instagram Stories and Snapchat relies heavily on the fact that people’s demand for brand honesty is bigger than ever.

Once you start to embrace it, the unedited, and candid and off the cuff shots and videos you post will start to attract higher engagement, videos and shares than everything else. Remember viral posts have usually trigger an emotional response with users. Have a clear objective; don’t just post because you feel you have to so that you feature in a feed.

3. Brand partnerships 

It’s going to be another way to tap into a bigger social media audience. We are going to see more and more networks teaming up with big brands. They will have to have a solid social media following with an online community that actively engages with them. Thinking outside of the box and being innovative has a huge payoff in terms of engagement, attracting new followers and boosting your reach.

4. Live content

You’ve got the keep your fans and followers interested, so there will be far more time invested into generating live content. Again, your audience is after authenticity and wants to see far more real, unpolished gems. Utilising the live features across your social accounts keeps your fans highly engaged, humanises your brand and illustrates a story.

5. Triggering conversations with fans and followers

The emphasis on community management is also a big one for 2018.

We are talking about responding to and chatting to followers in the comments section of Facebook, Instagram and replying back to tweets.

It’s extremely important if you want to engage and make your audience feel like they are valued. In turn you are building brand loyalty and trigger people to engage with your social media content. However, avoid the copy/paste template response. Get creative, have some fun and reach out to your audience.

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