Finding Fire: Christian O’Connell launches mentoring service


Gold 104.3 Breakfast host Christian O’Connell has launched a new mentoring service called Finding Fire.

“My mission has always been to wake people up every morning,” O’Connell says. “Now, it’s also about igniting your inner fire to help you show up in your full power and creativity all day, every day.”

O’Connell will draw on his own personal and professional experiences to host intimate ‘fireside conversations,’ aiming to transform the lives of those who feel ‘stuck,’ by unlocking new possibilities.

After two decades in the UK, O’Connell moved to Melbourne in 2018 with his wife and daughters.

Despite initial skepticism and media backlash, The Christian O’Connell Show rose to the top within just 16 months and is currently the city’s #1 FM Breakfast show.

Of this latest venture, O’Connell says “I’ve developed my own unique approach to supercharging everyday creativity.”

“Following the response I had from readers in my last book after being vulnerable about my own struggles and from the speaking engagements I’ve gone on to do, it’s led me to create Finding Fire – where I’m building a community for fellow seekers, makers, and leaders with mentoring, courses, workshops, and podcasts. Maybe even retreats.”

“I’m lighting a small fire and this is your invite to come sit around it with me.”

More info here.

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